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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ErayAlan



This project was designed for Domus Academy’s Service and experience Design competition and was awarded the second place prize. Easy Booking & Pre Check In, Airport Check In and Personal Closets are all part of the service set, which can be offered to regular VIP customers. Easy Booking & Pre Check In is designed to improve the satisfaction on booking and check in processes. Airport check in is designed for the viP regulars who want to go directly to a meeting right from the airport or do not want to carry their bags till the check in. And Personal closet service is the highlight of this service set and designed for the viP regulars who don't want to carry any luggage or to keep it very light. VIP regulars can leave some of their personal belongings in hotel. Projects consist of 2 personas, customer journey and 2 blue prints.

VIP Regulars Service Set It is a fact that accommodation experience in business trips is limited with late night services and sleep due to the constraints of time and busy schedules. Every business traveler especially the frequent travelers know the difficulties of packing for short trips, fitting in a small carry-on bag and carrying it with them all day for the early scheduled meetings. And also after a busy and tiring day waiting some more on reservation desk to check in can be annoying. This service set is designed to extend the limits of experience and to create new touch points for the customers to improve the accommodation experience during the business trips. Easy Booking & Pre Check In, Airport Check In and Personal Closets are the part of the service set, which can be offered to regular VIP customers. This service set is for the customers who visit a city let’s say Milano at least 3 times a month. As it is defined in the personas, our service’s target groups are professionals whose businesses highly connected to the companies in Milano. All VIP Regulars should have a “Personal Key Card” (PKC) (with magnetic stripe or RFID), which can be used as a key to enter the rooms. Easy Booking & Pre Check In: This service is designed to improve the satisfaction on booking and check in processes. VIP Regulars can call, text (sms) or e-mail directly to the numbers or e-mail addresses, which are defined for them. All they need to do is to tell / write check in and out dates. Booking Center staff will book their room and check them in as soon as the schedule of the rooms is set. After they set the room, they will assign the Personal Key Card to be used as a key for the room. Airport Check In: This service is designed for the VIP Regulars who wants to go directly to meeting or visit right from the airport or don’t want to carry their bag till the check in. After the arrival VIP Regulars can go the reservation desk or the office of the hotel in the airport. They can check in and give their luggage. If they didn’t pre checked in, receptionist will assign their Personal Key Cards to the rooms and will send their luggage to their rooms with the shuttle. Personal Closets: This service is the highlight of this service set and designed for the VIP Regulars who don’t want to carry any luggage or to keep it very light. VIP Regulars can leave some of their personal stuff in hotel. It can be anything like white shirts, reserve suits, special vegetable shampoo or razors for men and couple of shoes, underwear, cosmetics or special massage oil for women. When they are checking out, they can labor the ones that need to be clean and all stuff will be ready for the next visit in their rooms. This service set will provide a better customer experience for business travelers. Taking their luggage in airport will let them save time. Allowing customers to leave their stuff in hotel not only helps them for their next trip but also generates guarantee booking for hotel. We may call it customer engagement with guarantied loyalty. This service set also brings marketing value with higher positive visitor experience. When designing the service set I first draw the Customer Journey Map to see and analyze in detail customer’s regular experience on traveling. Then I prepared two personas to understand my target group better. And finally I prepared the Service Blueprints to show how the services work, who involves the service process and the touch points of the service. I also added; feasibility, SWAT and benefit analyses on Blueprints to demonstrate the advantages of my service set.

Personas Name: Juliana Bilek Age: 33 Gender: Female Location: Berlin Job Title: VP of Design in XYZ Fashion Company Monthly Traveling Number: 6 Name: Mete Aslanoğlu Age: 49 Gender: Male Location: Istanbul Job Title: CEO and Owner in Aslan Manufacturing Company Monthly Traveling Number: 3 Travel Reasons: Her company has two offices; one in Milano and one in Berlin. That’s why she has to go to Milano at least 5-6 times in a month to have regular meetings and for exceptional situations. Sometimes she has day trips and sometimes she stays 2-3 nights according to her schedule. She thinks living in 2 different beautiful cities increases her creativity and she believes that her inspiration comes from that. She also spends some of the weekends in Milano to spend time with her friends in town. She says Milano is her second home but she wants to live in Berlin. Travel Reasons: His biggest two clients are based in Milano; a female dress and a male underwear company. These 2 companies have the %68 of the capacity of the factory so they are very important for his company and also they are so demanding. He is traveling at least 3 times a month and visits clients by himself. To use the day efficiently he prefers to take the earliest flight and start meetings very early. After meetings and dinner he goes to hotel to have some rest and have other meetings the next day and take a flight back to Istanbul to his family. He usually stays one day in Milano. Needs: · The most important need is the comfort, since she travels a lot and says that Milano is her second home, she wants to be comfortable as much as possible during her stays. · It is not easy for her to decide what to wear, so she carries many dress and cosmetics. · She doesn’t like to stuck in a plan so her visits are not scheduled monthly sometimes she may decide to go to Milano in the morning and takes the plane in midday. So she needs fast transportation and accommodation arrangement. · She doesn’t like to drive or sit in the back in an official car so she uses taxi. She also likes to chat with random Italian people like taxi drivers to improve her Italian. Needs: · Efficiency is really important for him so he cares a lot about time management. · Generally he takes the earliest flight and goes directly to the meetings. · He likes to travel light and since he usually stays one night he doesn’t carry a lot. · After the busy and tiring day he relaxes with SPA and Sauna. · He is a busy businessman and he needs VIP treatment.

Search hotels Book room Prepare luggage ENVIROMENT ACTIVITIES CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP INTERACTION PEOPLE OBJECTS SERVICE EXPERIENCE Office & Home Keyword search, review reading, availability checking Home Travel Airport, train station, bus station Online booking, call center, asking to assistant Internet, call center, phone Call center workers, personal assistant Luggage Airplane, train, bus Taxi, shuttle, rent a car, public transportation ID Safe Avaible room on wanted days Small, light, easy to carry luggage Having everything needed Go to room ID information, room selection Transportation workers, police Reliable information Problemless service Give luggage Driver Stay Receptionist Tip Luggage Key Bellboy Money Bellboy To The Room Stay Fast Comfort Fast Friendly staff Less paperwork Luggage safety Comfortable Receive luggage Hotel Address information Travel Fast service Check in Taxi, shuttle, rent a car, public transportation Preperation EXPECTATIONS Go to hotel Arrive Good room Luxury

Easy Booking Pre Check In Airport Check In Airport Receptionist Booking Easy Arrival to Hotel Label the luggage and send it to hotel. & Check In SYSTEM FUNCTIONALITIES Booking Center Book the room and inform customer Shuttle Driver Check in customer and send room number. Take the luggages to the hotel Airport Receptionist Booking Center USER ACTIONS TOUCH POINTS Give luggages and tell estimated arrival time Easy book with; sms, call or mail Personal Key Card (PCK) Use PKC to go in the room without stopping by reception. Feasibility ANALYSE Easy Booking and Pre Check In can be done with existing booking center. New office and luggage shuttle system should be set and airport receptionist and driver should be hired. Strenght Better customer experience. Incresed customer loyalty. Weakness Cost of airport reception and luggage With Personal Key Cards, less key cards will be used. (eco and cost friendly system) shuttle system. Visibility in airport. Threats Opportunuties Current reception software should be update with New customers from airport (last luggage management tool. minute booking). Existing luggage room can be used for early Great marketing value. arrivals. Benefits Of Hotel Luggage lost. Change of customer's plan and arrival of the customer before luggage. Marketing value of the service. Inccreased loyalty of existing customer. Growrh in reputation. Benefits Of Customer Easy booking processes. Better experience with good CRM. No luggage problem the time before arrival to the hotel. Efficient time management.

P e r s o n a l C l o s e t SYSTEM FUNCTIONALITIES End of First Stay After Every Stay Other Stays Receptionist Inform housekeeping Assign a locker. Assign a locker. Housekeeping Colect customers stuff Take labeled ones to cleening. Cleaning Wash & iron clothes. Place items and cleaned clothes to assigned locker. Colect customer's Place customer's items in the room. stuff Receptionist Wardrobe Use the items left Add remove fro previous stay clothes, cosmetics, gadgets to leave. Chose clothes, cosmetics, gadgets to leave. Labels Check out Check in USER ACTIONS TOUCH POINTS Check out Label items which needs cleening Feasibility ANALYSE A Locker room should be prepeared. PC Service should be implement to hotel's CRM system. Simple labels should be used for the clothes. According to work load new housekeeping staff should be hired. A management tool to coordinate housekeeping and cleening team should be developed. Strenght Better customer experience. High loyalty for regular customers. Opportunuties Bigger lockers. More personal rooms. Great marketing value. Label items which needs cleening Weakness New space for lockers. New duties for room cleaning staff. Threats Loosing customer's items. Mixing up items of 2 different customer. Benefits Of Hotel Guarantied returning customers by keeping their items in the hotel. Marketing value of unique and well designed personal service in hospitality industry. Increased loyalty of existing customers. Inportant growth in reputation. Benefits Of Customer Less preperation time for short business travels. Less wrinked clothes and no need for second ironing. Varibility of clothes in travels. Fast preperation for urgent trips. Better accodomodation experience with personal bathroom objects such as; shampoo, tooth paste, soap etc. Efficient time management with travelling without luggage.

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