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Information about Violence

Published on June 17, 2007

Author: Sabatini


Television and Aggression:  Television and Aggression By: Courtney Kania On Children:  On Children The effect of t.v. violence on children has been studied since the 1950s, and most researchers agree, it does cause behavioral changes. The average American child watches 27 hours of t.v. a week. :  The average American child watches 27 hours of t.v. a week. Some prime time programs average at least one violent act per minute. Children's cartoons average 32 violent acts per hour. American psychological association estimated a child will see 8,000 murders andamp; 100,000 acts of violence on t.v. before finishing grade school. Other studies have found children…:  Other studies have found children… may become more fearful of becoming a victim of violence. May become desensitized to violence. may not realize that in real life you don’t come back to life Ways to counteract the violence:  Ways to counteract the violence Watch t.v. with your child and explain that violent stunts are faked. Monitor what they watch Install a 'V-chip' Limit t.v. watching to 1 or 2 hours a day

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