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Published on January 24, 2008

Author: Silvestre


ED H. ZWANEVELD:  ED H. ZWANEVELD 1940 -2004 CANADIAN A-V STORAGE VAULTS INVENTORY:  CANADIAN A-V STORAGE VAULTS INVENTORY VILLENEUVE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES INC. PROJECT SUMMARY AND SCOPE:  PROJECT SUMMARY AND SCOPE Identify the current inventory of A-V vault facilities in Canada Determine the utilization / status of the facilities Assess and quantify known future needs. HOW?:  HOW? By gathering all essential data related to: the nature, the location, the availability of and need for climate controlled vaults suitable for the storage and preservation of Canadian audiovisual assets. Definition of a vault:  Definition of a vault “A place in which a significant number of audiovisual records are stored for the long-term preservation of their content in an environment that helps to defer the onset of deterioration.” DELIVERABLES:  DELIVERABLES A database that: Lists all the facilities inventoried providing individual administrative & technical data/characteristics Provides means of listing facilities by: Media types stored Region Is updateable in the future as required Is compatible with The Trust’s Web site DELIVERABLES:  DELIVERABLES A final report that: Provides an assessment of the situation as it pertains to the utilization and status of A-V Storage in Canada Provides a summary of the future needs as expressed by those interviewed Includes all photos and acquired documentation throughout the survey (with accompanying rights/permissions for further use by the Trust). PRELIMINARY RESEARCH:  PRELIMINARY RESEARCH FINDING THE FACILITIES A-V Trust listings ( CDS report 04-1993, Web sites database 2002, A-V Trust membership lists and industry listings) Trade Associations :AMIA, The Association for Information Management Professionals, FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives) WWW Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Who’s Who? 2002 Personal contacts PRELIMINARY RESEARCH:  PRELIMINARY RESEARCH FINDING THE PEOPLE Involved in SMI Collections (Sound & Moving Image) Knowledgeable about the infrastructures and resources Willing and available to provide the data ACQUIRING THE DATA:  ACQUIRING THE DATA The Questions???? Building & architectural characteristics Operational & financial data Technical details about the media (nature and variety) Types of storage practices Environmental data Concerns & preoccupations Future requirements and needs ACQUIRING THE DATA:  ACQUIRING THE DATA The Process.... Collect data (Telephone interviews, e-mail, fax) Provide feedback & confirm data Data input (database) Site visits : To document further (photos) To get more in-depth knowledge on the issues and concerns as well as future needs THE “Numbers”:  THE “Numbers” Types of Organizations THE “Numbers”:  THE “Numbers” Number of locations identified by Province or Territory LOCATION:  LOCATION Locations Sites visited Types of Activities:  Types of Activities Public Archives:  Public Archives Film & Television:  Film & Television Commercial & Academic:  Commercial & Academic Cultural & Other:  Cultural & Other Capacity (space):  Capacity (space) Capacity (space):  Capacity (space) Total square footage: 550,000 sq.ft 85% of capacity held by 11 facilities (out of 60 who supplied data) Average space of the remaining 49 facilities is 1,650 sq.ft. (with 20 benefiting from less than 500 sq. ft.) Location samples:  Location samples Smaller facilities Larger facilities Climate conditions:  Climate conditions Climate conditions:  Climate conditions Climate Control:  Climate Control Air circulation systems Climate Control:  Climate Control Refrigeration systems Fire Prevention:  Fire Prevention Conventional sprinklers (with and without delayed action) Gas Suppression systems (Halon or Inergen) General findings:  General findings Vaulting does not necessarily mean “archiving” Access vs preservation or conservation Active vs semi-active or inactive records SMI holdings are more complex to deal with than other types of records Technologically (assessing and storing) Retention scheduling Classification General findings:  General findings Public Archives are overwhelmed by the size and complexity of SMI holdings Availability of trained and knowledgeable staff Availability of space & technical resources The “80/20 Rule” “80% of your resources are devoted to 20% of your assets” The short-lived nature of the SMI holdings implies constant re-formatting On what support? At what rate? Who pays? ISSUES:  ISSUES Space is a major problem for most facilities. Capacity has been reached in many cases “Un-processed” records are stored in less than ideal conditions. Adequate (or more diverse) climate conditions are needed Mixed collections force a compromise Cold storage is not widely used ISSUES:  ISSUES Managing “access” and preservation is a challenge Duplicating records for viewing/access is costly and not always easily available Obtaining/operating adequate viewing/assessing equipment is challenging Broadcasters deal with two levels of conservation: News and Programs News are complex to manage and require constant access News vaults seldom benefit from long-term storage environments Programs are limited by rights issues ISSUES:  ISSUES Identifying older material is a “challenge” at best Positive findings:  Positive findings Many public archives are starting to prioritize SMI initiatives in their long-term planning New, better adapted facilities are being built (Alberta, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Ottawa) Joint cooperation between organizations have been successful Information exchange Exchange of services & resources The Rooms Positive findings:  Positive findings Film preservation is well managed Awareness of the Vinegar syndrome Re-packaging is well under way Audio assets are being digitized and made accessible Commercial Storage facilities are becoming aware of the need for climate-controlled vaults and see this as a potential market CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION AV Vaults are improving around the country In nature In capacity Ability to cope with technology Considerable amount of “catching-up” remains Large quantities of un-treated assets Large inventory of “obsolete” supports that need to be re-formatted The time frame in which to accomplish all the necessary “catching-up” is limited. CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION Staffing resources are limited In quality (knowledge and competence in SMI management) In numbers (multi-tasking limits the ability to address the backlogs) CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION Training and access to technical information is scarce Travel budgets are limited Knowledge of older technologies is rare (and getting more so) CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION Managing old technology is a challenge Limited window of opportunity To acquire older equipment To use this older equipment Requires that choices be made quickly As to the “replacing” of outdated supports As to the formats and supports to use CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION Managing NEW technology is also a challenge In terms of training In terms of “acquisition” of hardware & support In terms of its evolutionary nature CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION Access Part of the problem of managing existing collections Part of the solution to gaining support for new funding and resources Recommendations:  Recommendations AV Trust can provide a “link” between the SMI Managers around the country to improve “networking” and information exchange Resources in technical (hands-on) training are required (video-audio)

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