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Published on March 18, 2009

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Slide2:  The Strongbow Saga Book 1 : Viking Warrior by Judson Roberts Slide3:  “Little John fights with the Cook in the Sheriff’s House” N.C. Wyeth Halfdan was born a slave. His mother was born a princess in Ireland. His father was a Viking Warrior that stole her and doomed both her and their son to slavery. After killing her father she had no one to ransom her so Hrorik placed her under his protection. His mother had to care for the other children of Hrorik. There was a a daughter named Sigrid and a son named Harald who would become Halfdan’s teacher and reason to live. Until Hrorik told a rich wife that made their life hard. Slide4:  Funeral of Russian Noble by Henryk Siemiradzki While out on a raiding party Hrorik was mortally wounded and it took all Harald could do to get him home alive. Halfdan was so into Harald’s account of the battle that he could almost feel that he was there. Hrorik was not going to live and called Halfdan and his family to speak to them on his death bed. He explained that he wanted to take Halfdan’s mother with him on his death ship since his wife was a noblewomen and would be taken care of after his death. This enraged Halfdan more than anything ever could have. His mother told him that Hrorik stole her life from her and now he was going to steal her death so he would be more comfortable. Slide5:  Halfdan’s mother stated that her son should have been born a king and thanks to Hrorik he was born a slave and he owed it to his son to give him what should have been his from birth. She would go with him to the next life if he would free her son before he died. Halfdan would be raised as a chieftain. Halfdan was to be trained by his stepbrother, Harald. Garret Morphey's “Portrait of James Bryan of Jenkinstown Park, County Kilkenny” Slide6:  A viking in front of a burning long boat. “PEOPLES OF SCOTLAND” Halfdan’s mother was placed on the Death Ship, but before she left she gave him her necklace that she always wore. She said with the cross he would be watched over in this heathen land. Now he had to work to survive in this dangerous heathen land without his mother who gave her life so he would have a life. Slide7:  “Robin Hood and His Companions Lend Aid…” N. C. Wyeth Halfdan was taught to hunt and soon excelled in tracking and hunting. He felt almost alive in the forest. Harrald taught him to fight with a sword and axe. To survive in world outside of the forest Halfdan had to learn to protect himself against both enemies and family. Hrorik had a stepson, Toke, that was a berserker. He had been thrown out of the household due to his violent rages. When news of his stepfather’s death reached him he headed back to take what he could by any force necessary. While inspecting some of their land Halfdan and Harold were soon to find out the extend of the force he would use. Slide8:  Harold and Halfdan were outnumbered with too many people to protect. A deal was made with Tork to keep the innocents safe. There is nothing more dangerous than an oath breaker. Many died and Halfdan was in the fight of his life that would cost his brother his life. Harold screamed you must survive to revenge the deaths by killing one of the most fiercest Viking Warriors and his men. Halfdan had to escape to the woods were he was not the hunter but the hunted. Now Halfdan has to use all of his skills as a hunter to out wit one of the deadliest hunters of all time. He has to make it out alive to full fill his promise to his brother to avenge his death. Now another person that Halfdan loved gave his life so he could live. Birkebeinerne, by Knud Bergslien Slide9:  Pick up a copy of “Viking Warrior” which starts out the Strongbow Saga at your library today. The Strongbow Saga by Judson Roberts Part 1 Viking Warrior - Part 2 Dragons from the Sea - Part 3 The Road to Vengeance Special Effects by: Luke Artwork provided by: PEOPLES OF SCOTLAND Wikipedia File:Funeral of russian noble by Siemiradzki.jpg File:Morpheypainting2.jpg SDLN Mitchell Public Library Card Catalog “An American Vision: Three Generations of Wyeth Art” Published with the Brandywine River Museum

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