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Information about Vietnam1

Published on December 28, 2007

Author: Octavio


Domino Theory and Escalation:  Domino Theory and Escalation Containment meant global intervention against communist takeover Eisenhower and Kennedy feared the expansion of communist power in Asia Khrushchev promised support for “wars of national liberation” in 1959 Stages of Vietnam Conflict:  Stages of Vietnam Conflict Support for French effort (1.2 billion $ per year) Creation of South Vietnam after Geneva Accords (1955) Advisors to prop up Diem regime – nation building and American idealism Stages of Vietnam Conflict:  Stages of Vietnam Conflict Strategic Hamlet concept – create enclaves that would be immune to communist penetration This gives way to decision to win a military victory on the ground and expel the North Vietnamese Was the conflict an invasion or a civil war? Kennedy and Flexible Response :  Kennedy and Flexible Response Conventional force for Europe Reorganization of army – motorized, mechanized, airborne Counterinsurgency and Vietnam Johnson’s escalated war Increased troop strength Bombing campaign – Operation Rolling Thunder – Feb. 1965 Stages of the Vietnam Conflict:  Stages of the Vietnam Conflict Gulf of Tonkin Resolution – August, 1964 Westmoreland to command – “search and destroy” – take the fight to the enemy Operation Rolling Thunder from February, 1965 Shortcomings of the F-105 and Soviet SAMs Massive Buildup – 1965-1968:  Massive Buildup – 1965-1968 Westmoreland and Search and Destroy Ira Dang Valley Battle – the resilience of NVA Strategic Hamlet tactics and population transfer Rosy expectations on the eve of Tet (Feb. 1968) Protesting the War:  Protesting the War Progressive support for Cold War declines BUT a majority of Americans supported the Vietnam war until 1969 and only a minority wanted to withdraw at once. Effect of demonstrations October, 1967 Johnson Administration boasts of success. The shock of the Tet Offensive followed. Lessons of the Past and Vietnam:  Lessons of the Past and Vietnam Role of Draft and Deferments in WWII Massive protest by mid- 1960s Newspapers and morale in WWII Nightly news and condemnation of the war Protesting the War:  Protesting the War Nixon’s ability to escalate the war was limited by public opposition in 1969. College campuses disrupted (especially in April, 1970) Disruption of military in Vietnam – insubordination, drug use Decision to end Selective Service System Volunteer army by 1973 End to Vietnam and Detente:  End to Vietnam and Detente Kissinger – linkage – recognize status of USSR and People’s Republic of China SALT I allowed USSR more warheads, recognized US advantage in MIRV Détente waned in 1970s and SALT II never ratified by US Senate (both sides abided by provisions) Towards a new generation of missiles

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