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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: combaton



US at Home ► ► ► ► ► Johnson declares war on poverty Great Society: Johnson aims to end poverty and racial injustice Adds Medicare to social security (health care for the elderly) Adds Medicaid: healthcare for poor & disabled Creates Headstart: gives ed. & healthcare to low income families. It would later fund Sesame Street

Warren Court gives rights to accused criminals ► Mapp v. Ohio (1961): Evidence obtained illegally can’t be used ► Gideon v. Wainwright (1964): Said you must be offered a lawyer before questioning ► Miranda v. Arizona (1966): “Miranda” rights

War Tactics

War Tactics

Ho Chi Minh Trail

War Tactics ► Napalm – Jellied gasoline that exploded on impact. Burned & clung to everything it touched. ► Ho Chi Minh – Only fought battles they knew they’d win. Hit & run tactics mostly at night. Used booby traps. US could not tell friends from enemies ► Ho Chi Minh Trail – Tracks, paths & roads through mountains of Laos & Cambodia. Major supply line

Tet Offensive ► Tet Offensive –  Vietcong attack on major cities & US Embassy in Saigon.  US & S. Vietnamese stopped Vietcong from capturing S. Vietnam  Showed N. Vietnam still had the will to fight  Turning point in war  War would cost more money & soldiers and still might not win ► Johnson wants peace negotiation

Nixon ► Johnson doesn’t run for re-election. ► Nixon wins Presidency. Says he will bring peace with honor ► Vietnamization: US slowly pulls out of war as S. Vietnamese take over ► Nixon orders attack on Vietcong bases in Cambodia

My Lai Massacre

My Lai Massacre

My Lai Massacre

My Lai Massacre ► March 16, 1968: US troops brutally kill 400 – 500 Vietnamese citizens. Mostly women, children & older men. “Seek & Destroy” mission. ► In original report 128 are killed and only 22 civilians

Warrant Officer One Hugh Thompson, Jr. ► Thompson & his crew witnessed an unarmed woman being kicked & shot at point-blank range. Thompson then saw a group of civilian children, women, and old men at a bunker being approached by ground personnel. Thompson landed and told his crew that if the soldiers shot at the Vietnamese while he was trying to get them out of the bunker that they were to open fire at these soldiers.

A Real American Hero ► Thompson also found 12–16 people in the bunker, coaxed them out and led them to the helicopter, standing with them while they were flown out in two groups.

4 Dead in Ohio ► College students protest attack in Cambodia ► National Guard fires on students and kills 4 at Kent State University

War Ends ► Jan. 1973 “cease-fire” is signed between all warring nations. ► US withdraws from S. Vietnam ► US POW’s are returned ► North Vietnam has political presence in South Vietnam ► North & South Vietnam would ignore cease-fire ► In 1975, North Vietnam would overtake South Vietnam. Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos become communist countries.

War’s Impact ► 58k US soldiers die. 300k wounded. ► Over 2 mil. Vietnamese die. ► Veterans return home to mixed reactions ► Mental & physical problems ► US loses trust in its leaders ► Congress limits war powers of President ► We are less likely to get involved in wars for next 30 years

My Lai Massacre ► Video report

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