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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: chandan123


PowerPoint Presentation: Adhityedam yathashastram naro janati sattamah Dharmopadeshbikhyatam karyakaram subhasubham… Demystifying Management Lesson Hidden in Vidur Niti-Treasure of Management Mantras By – Shekhar Mishra (Asst. Prof), Papun Patra (MBA – 1 st ) PowerPoint Presentation: LCMSEED – THE SEVEN PILLARS L LEADERSHIP C COMMUNICATION M MOTIVATION S SELF-MANAGEMENT E EMPOWERMENT E ETHICS & ETHOS D DECISION MAKING PowerPoint Presentation: LEADERSHIP Ekah sarvathu na bhunjita ekash chardan na chintyet Eko na gachetha adhvanam nekah supteshu jagryate… (Udyogparva, Section 33) Main focus on team building. A successful career is guided by knowledge. Leader should have control over emotions. He should be intelligent enough to take correct actions. PowerPoint Presentation: COMMUNICATION Parvrit vak chitrakud uvahan partibhanvan aashu garandasya vakta ch sa veh pandita uchyate… (Udyogparva, Section 33) He who spoke boldly, can converse on various subjects, know the science of argumentation, possess the genius and can interpret meaning, what is written in books is reckoned as wise. PowerPoint Presentation: MOTIVATION Nishchitya yah parkramte nantar vasati karmanah: avandhya kali vshyatama sa veh pandita uchyate………. (Udyogparva, Section 33) Inspiration from work itself is the most powerful form of motivation. He who strive having commenced anything till it is completed, who never waste his time and whose soul is under control is regarded wise. PowerPoint Presentation: SELF MANAGEMENT Karodho harshsacha tharpashacha haristhambho manyamaniyata:Yam ardan napkarshanti sa va pandita uchyate… (Udyogparva, Section 33) He whom neither anger, nor joy, nor pride nor false modesty, nor stupefaction, nor vanity can draw away from the high ends of life is considered as wise. That illustrious person who do not lament when a calamity have already come upon him, who exert with all his senses collected and who patiently breath misery in season, is certainly the foremost of persons and all his foes are vanquished. PowerPoint Presentation: EMPOWERMENT Abhipray yo vidhitva tu bhurtuh sarvani karyani karitya atanthi vakta hitanam anurakt aryah shaktigya atmaev hi so nukampya………….. (Udyogparva, Section 37) That officer who fully understanding the intentions of his royal master discharge all duties with alacrity and who is fully acquainted with the extent of his own might and with that also of those against, whom he may be engaged, should be regarded by the king as his second self. PowerPoint Presentation: ETHICS & ETHOS Ekam evadvitiya yath yath rajan navbudhyase satyam srvagasya sopanam parvarasaya neer ev (Udyogparva, Section 33) As the boat is the only way to cross a river, in the same way truth is the only way to attain moksha . There are many ways to achieve the the desired outcome but it will not be accompanied with desired happiness, which is there in adopting ethical way PowerPoint Presentation: DECISION MAKING Anubandhan avekshet sanbudheshu karmasu sampradharya cha kuvriti na vegen samacharet ………. (Udyogparva, Section 33) Before one engage in an act, one should consider the competence of the agent, the nature of the act itself, and its purpose, for all acts are dependent on these. Considering these one should begin an act, and not take it upon a sudden impulse. He that is wise should either do an act or desist from it fully considering his own ability, the nature of the act, and the consequence also of success. Conclusion: Conclusion PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU

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