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Published on February 26, 2009

Author: vwaterson


VideoKall a new source of incremental mall revenues from selling emotional experiences : VideoKall a new source of incremental mall revenues from selling emotional experiences “’s shoppers want more than merchandise. They want to be entertained.” Chain Store Age It’s a mall world after all…… : VideoKall is developing an innovative public video communications network linking ‘state of the art’ video payphones in shopping malls throughout the US and set to expand to malls in Asia, South America and Europe. The VideoKall patent pending technology will allow members of the public to use SMART cards in the video payphones to instantly transfer funds electronically between SMART cards during full motion 30fps high definition video calls. It’s a mall world after all…… Mall ‘Quad Play’ Opportunity : Retail SpaceSmall footprint very high revenue generator Minutes Business High margin video call service Money Transfer Tap into $300Bn remittance transfer sector Digital Signage Advertising Revenue when video calls not in progress Mall ‘Quad Play’ Opportunity Re-inventing the Mall : Re-inventing the Mall VideoKall Inc is planning to build out a network which will link shopping malls located throughout the 50 states with a communications switching center in Dallas, Texas to provide a public access video payphone service for a new national and international video call and electronic fund transfer service. The company has patent pending technology enabling SMART card to SMART card EFT transactions between video payphones during video calls. Mall-to-Mall Instant Remittance Transfer : Mall-to-Mall Instant Remittance Transfer Primary application The primary application of the VideoKall service is its award winning service to provide remittance transfer during ‘virtual video reunions’ for migrant workers sending money home from malls in the USA to Mexico, The Philippines, India and other countries where VideoKall will establish video payphones in shopping malls. US Mall-to-Mall Video Call Applications (1) : Secondary applicationsThe secondary applications for the US based public video payphone network in shopping malls include- Mall based video calls between friends and relative across the country separated by the ‘gas price divide’ and spiraling airfares Video job interviews conducted between public video payphones in malls and employment agency video terminals linked to the Dallas switching center Video ‘phone-in’ calls from public video payphones in malls to television and cable TV stations video terminals linked to the Dallas switching center Video phone depositions for court cases (using VideoKall patent pending facial recognition and biometric validation software) US Mall-to-Mall Video Call Applications (1) US Mall-to-Mall Video Call Applications (2) : Secondary applications (cont’d) Video phone calls to doctors offices to validate patient prescription renewals (using VideoKall patent pending facial recognition and biometric validation software) Birthday and special occasion video calls with SMART card to SMART card instant gift transfers Emergency instant money transfer between parents and children traveling or attending college using the VideoKall SMART card to SMART card EFT system Digital Signage style Video Advertising on the video payphones when not in use US Mall-to-Mall Video Call Applications (2) Shopping Mall … the ‘Third Place’ : VideoKall is an enabling technology which brings a visual communications component to the US shopping mall creating the opportunity to promote the mall as ‘the third place’ *. Our visual communications technology can attract visitors to malls and act as a catalyst for social encounters. VideoKall acts as a catalyst to create social networks in shopping malls which in turn create virtual neighborhoods across a wide social spectrum from the teenage Mall Rats, the morning Mall Runners, older visitors killing time, the single and affluent, to the divorced with alimony in the bank and many more who would typically pass each other ‘like ships in the night’ on the mall floor not knowing a kindred spirit when they saw one. VideoKall is a visual communications experience which can build new business for shopping malls at different entry levels. Shopping Mall … the ‘Third Place’ * Third Place: First Place is Home. Second Place is Work. Third Place is the Mall. Mall Local Level Service (1) : The VideoKall terminal provides an ‘in-mall’ only video messaging service which functions as the video equivalent of the ‘pen pal’ concept, which we call ‘video pal’. Mall visitors can use the VideoKall public video payphone to post anonymous video messages categorized by age, employment, interests, etc for any like-minded mall visitor to find when carrying out a video message search from anyone of the clusters of video payphones located around the mall. Mall Local Level Service (1) Mall Local Level Service (2) : Creating new friendships in the mall inevitably brings out the pocket book whether it’s for spending on food and drinks, or visiting the cinema or buying gifts. The VideoKall terminals are, of course, profit centers in their own right for mall owners. Users are charged a per minute fee (typically US$1) to use the terminal to leave, search for, or reply to video messages. The VideoKall terminals are equipped with digital video players which can play video commercials when the phones are not in use. This feature provides the mall owner with an additional source of revenue. Mall Local Level Service (2) Mall National Level Service (1) : Mall owners who own multiple complexes can connect VideoKall terminals spread across the country by accessing fiber circuits to be provided by VideoKall, connected to the VideoKall National Switching Center in Dallas, Texas. This center provides a ‘meet me’ facility to switch video calls between any two malls. This national level connection enables the more adventurous spirited mall visitors to post video messages for viewing in both the local mall and at a mall in another city where maybe they would like to visit or even live there. Once they have made contact with a friend or relative at a distant shopping mall the user can make a live video call between the malls VideoKall video payphones for a ‘virtual visit’ Mall National Level Service (1) Mall National Level Service (2) : This national level of communication adds value to the Local Level service by making a higher per minute charge (typically US$1.50 per minute) for national video message usage or video call. VideoKall terminals configured for national use can accept VideoKall patent pending Electronic Fund Transfer SMART cards, enabling users to instantly transfer cash between shopping malls across the country during a live video call between VideoKall terminals in each mall. Mall owners will typically charge users US$6 per transfer of up to $500 value or provide a free electronic fund transfer for each 4 minute, $6 charge video call. Mall National Level Service (2) Mall International Level Service (1) : VideoKall plans to establish similar VideoKall terminal clusters outside the USA, initially in Mexico, The Philippines and India to facilitate migrant worker remittances to those countries from America. This international level of communications adds even more value to the VideoKall terminals by providing migrant workers with a higher class remittance transfer service than can be provided by any other remittance company, including the leaders Western Union and MoneyGram. Mall International Level Service (1) Mall International Level Service (2) : The VideoKall patent pending SMART card to SMART card remittance transfer during an international video call is another industry first from VideoKall. In keeping with VideoKall’s community building service offering, this international video call and remittance transfer service brings separated families together for virtual reunions something no other service can offer. Mall owners can typically charge $2.50 per minute for international video calls and $15 for an international remittance transfer or provide the transfer for free with each 6 minute international videophone call. VideoKall will attract migrant workers to the mall to send remittances. Mall International Level Service (2) VideoKall Business Model (1) : VideoKall sells its video payphone clusters to malls who wish to participate in the VideoKall network at local, national and international levels. Each cluster consists of 12 video payphones grouped in quad video booths connected to a central server and communications router; a cash-loader where SMART cards for use in the video payphones are purchased; and a cash-dispenser which dispenses cash when a SMART card is inserted. VideoKall provides 24x7 customer support for all terminals and all national and international communications circuits. VideoKall provides EFT clearance of funds transmitted nationally and internationally. VideoKall charges each mall operator a royalty fee based on revenue to provide these services. The royalty fees charged are open to discussion and are dependent on many factors including mall location, mall operator support in promoting the service etc. VideoKall Business Model (1) Slide 16: VideoKall Business Model (2) Level 1: Local Mall Level 2: National Level 3: International On-Line Information : Reference URL’s On-Line Information Technical : Technical VideoKall Planned Network Schematics Slide 19: Example of US to Asia Link Slide 21: Contact Vince Waterson Chairman VideoKall Inc 369 Paseo de Playa #302 Ventura CA 93001 Tel: 805 641 2677 Cell: 808 216 2136 Email: VideoKall Inc has a patent pending for the SMART card to SMART card electronic fund transfer technology

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