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Published on March 7, 2009

Author: vwaterson


VideoKall, Inc. : VideoKall, Inc. December 2008 A New Paradigm for Enhancing Global Relations Riding the growth in video calling Utilize Public Video Calling with Electronic Fund Transfers ---Gaining a slice of US$300 billion market growing at ~15% without EFT --- Improving Communications and Access Appeal to migrant and un-banked workers, recent immigrants, travelling professionals, university students, military families and others Confidential, not for disclosure; presentation complete with accompanying oral discussion © Vince Waterson 2008 See VideoKall in Action (1 min. video): Slide 2: Markets of Interest Migrant workers, recent immigrants, international students Prisoners, attorneys and families Overseas visa and passport applications Overseas claims validation Tele-health professionals Traveling professionals Video depositions Multi-location conferencing and reunions Families & friends sending video greeting cards Social networks VideoKall – Viewing A Global Market : VideoKall – Viewing A Global Market Migrant Remittance Market is worth $300bn a year. It’s a robust market with annual growth in excess of 9% over the past decade. The top three remittance corridors in the world are US to Mexico $24bn a year US to India $24bn a year US to the Philippines $9bn a year It is a fragmented market where even the largest player, Western Union, has only 17% of the global market. This fragmented market makes it easy for even new entrants with look alike, staid and impersonal money transfer services to be successful. This market fragmentation makes it an even greater certainty that VideoKall will be a success because it offers a service that’s not only a technological generation ahead of the pack but provides family value opportunities missing from the impersonal services offered by the rest of the pack. VideoKall intellectual property is the foundation for an integrated financial transaction and communications network so strong on preserving family values, that it literally leaves competitors in the dark. Slide 4: August 21, 2008 CRANKY CONSUMER Currency Crisis: Sending Money To Someone in a Pinch Abroad By MARY PILON ‘Our friend had no trouble finding a Western Union office in Jakarta, but when she got there, she was told that she couldn't pick up the money without a confirmation number. The customer service representative had failed to tell us that our friend needed the number. She had to go back twice, and on her second visit, it took her 45 minutes to get the money. Agents there argued that her signature didn't exactly match the one on her passport and were wary of the authenticity of her local ID. She finally received $96.50, after currency-conversion fees.’ ‘ Next we tried MoneyGram International, which offers two services for sending money online: eMoney Transfer Same Day Service and eMoney Transfer Economy Service, which takes longer. We used the same-day option. The site had a fee estimator that said it would cost a total of $15.49 to send $100 to Indonesia. We had to give our Social Security number early on, which felt strange.’ ‘Whatever service you choose, beware that fees lurk everywhere. Your bank or credit card will charge you. (Chase, the issuer of our credit card, socked us with a $10 transaction fee for the Western Union transfer because it was technically considered a cash advance.)’ VideoKall Passes Three Tests : The Reality Test - A market really does exist for our service. We can actually build the service platform and provide the service for the cost estimates in our plan. The Competitive Test - VideoKall’s position relative to its customers and competitors. Management’s ability to create a company that will gain an edge over its rivals. The Value Test – VideoKall offers investors an attractive rate of return. Investments up to $5mm starts a company that will generate over $140mm in year 5 VideoKall Passes Three Tests VideoKall Value Proposition : VideoKall Value Proposition Shift the high-demand, low-cash EFT market into overdrive by transforming it from an intimidating service to a Friendly, enticing service with a bold new set of products & services that offers kinship, video visitations and cash transfers to their most loved and supported countrymen. Offer Bundled service of 6 minute video call for $15 with EFT Unbundled video services at higher margins without EFT Recognize Average overseas telephone calls are over 10 minutes each International Recognition: London 31 October 2007 : International Recognition: London 31 October 2007 VideoKall wins IAMTN World Payments Award for Excellence in Innovation 2007 Lady Olga Maitland, CEO of IAMTN, said: “I recognized from the outset that VideoKall was a technology which could really change the way in which people sent remittances. I predict that much as YouTube popularized video messaging, VideoKall will make video remittance transfers a popular alternative for many migrant workers. VideoKall stood out amongst the bids for the prize because of its humane and caring approach to its customers.” At the IAMTN conference in the Dorchester Hotel London, Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick, former Chancellor of Exchequer, presented VideoKall with the award in front of an audience of over 300 international representatives from companies including Western Union, Moneygram and other leaders in the money transfer field. VideoKall Accomplishments to Date : VideoKall Accomplishments to Date Minimized the effect of satellite latency through good network design and procured Video Payphones. Publicly Demonstrated Video Payphones over international satellite links and obtained feedback during tradeshows. Integrated a satellite link with ISDN fiber to enable calls to be made from any ISDN video conference terminal to a video payphone and obtained public feedback. Designed a private network which provides improved service and cost performance. Designed a responsive network using a satellite bandwidth management system which allows the Hawaii NOC to remotely control VSAT terminals in shopping Malls in Asia and Mexico, and allocate satellite bandwidth on a demand basis to meet traffic requirements. Selected SMART Card technology vendor with, SMART card dispensing machine (i.e. Cash Loader), and a basic billing system for an operational SMART Card to SMART Card EFT transfer system. Designed an intelligent interface which can tie the video payphone with a SMART card writer/reader, the phone keypad and phone video display and a transaction management (billing) system to enable Electronic Fund Transfer between two video payphones. Partnered with established international remittance operators. Partnering with two established players in the prison market and a major player in the satellite and satellite terminal market. Competitive Positioning : Competitive Positioning Overall “cost of service” Speed, Satisfaction, Reliability Quality of Video vs. Cost : Quality of Video vs. Cost Slide 11: SWOT Analysis Simplicity Using Established Partners : Simplicity Using Established Partners Remittance EFT Videophone call VideoKall Server and Telecom Call Registration EFT Transaction Management Billing Internet Merchant Account Server & Operator Call Registration EFT Transaction Management Billing Transaction Monitoring Transaction Fee Collection Settlements with partners Meeting the Patriot Act Requirements : Initial Service Image capture – discernment of a face Birth date via keypad PIN via keypad Contact Phone Number Enhanced Service Fingerprint scan and storage Face recognition Meeting the Patriot Act Requirements Where Are We Headed? : Launch VideoKall service with EFT: Prisons, then Malls Find remittance target for leveraged buy-out Provide social benefits and personal satisfaction to relatives: domestic and overseas Offer new video-based services Tele-medicine services Overseas claims validation Overseas visa and passport applications Video depositions Multi-location conferencing and reunions Increase funds source and disbursement flexibility Increase global penetration as economics allow Where Are We Headed? Management/Advisory Team : Management/Advisory Team Questions? : Questions? Vince Waterson, Chairman, VideoKall P.O Box 1173 Ventura, CA 93007, USA Charlie Nahabedian, CEO, VideoKall 11 Chesterbrook Road Chester, NJ 07930, USA Cell Tel: +1- 201-704-0730 Slide 17: Backup Slides with Additional Detail VideoKall – Public Video Payphones : VideoKall – Public Video Payphones Phase 1 Create a platform of video payphones using SMART Card Dispensing machines in prisons Phase 2 Extend service to malls across the Philippines & US Use prizes of air tickets and houses to create a frenzy of users wishing to use the service Take its service to the masses using satellite trucks to bring live family reunions between ‘barangays’ across the provinces, and relatives in the US, Europe and the Middle East. Expand to Banks, Hospitals, Universities, military bases, ethnic stores Phase 3 VideoKall will leverage its success in the Philippines to create networks on the top two remittance corridors: the US to Mexico and US to India Deploy dual technology cards Service Highlights Basic charge is about $15 for a 6 minute call EFT is 0-$2 within that time The EFT takes about 10 seconds – The fastest in the Industry VideoKall – Strategic Partners : VideoKall – Strategic Partners Service Development for Software & Integration: C21 Systems, UK Hardware Suppliers Basic Terminal: C21 Systems, UK. Smart Card Dispenser: ITC Systems, Canada Smart Card, Transaction Management System: C21 Systems, UK VideoKall Terminal Manufacturing: C21 Systems, UK Satellite Products & Services: Hawaii Pacific Teleport Mabuhay Satellite Corporation Satellite terminal and satellite vendor International Remittance Exchanges: Debitac, Canada What We1 Learned About Multimedia-supported Collaboration : What We1 Learned About Multimedia-supported Collaboration Two points clearly came out in each of the three studies presented: Users want video connections and The quality of the audio connection is crucial. The users wanted to have a video capability that would provide visual contact during their interaction. They perceived added value from the video. Users reported that the video capability made their interactions generally more satisfying. By John C. Tang and Ellen Isaacs, Published in 1993 in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: An International Journal Volume 1, Issue 3, pp. 163-196 Technology Enhancements Planned : Facial recognition in 2009 Fingerprint scanning in 2009 UK teleport partner in 2009 for Europe and Middle East Combined magnetic stripe and Smart Card for cross-services using ATMs in 2009 Video phones: cost reduced version in 2010 Tie into cellular EFT services in 2010 Technology Enhancements Planned Slide 22: Evolution of VideoKall Founded in 2006 as a company for R&D Filed Patent Applications Commenced software development with ITC Completed technical trials in Toronto Conducted service demo at IAMTA Received the Innovation of the Year Award 2007 from IAMTA Contracted an investment agent Continue funding for the first phase of our business plan Plan penetration of the prison market Plan initial service pilot between Los Angeles and Manila Plan initial service in Mexico, Latin America and India File 1-3 Additional Patent Applications

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