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Published on March 9, 2014

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GDSS1845 – Videogames and arts Class 06 Game and narrative

Class 06 Schedule Narrative and storytelling Narrative in traditional media Interactive storytelling Game



Narrative Narrative Story Text/discourse Narration




Time Time and narrative Story time Narrative time Real time Order, duration, frequency

Elements Narrative elements Events Plot Causality

Development Narrative development Exposition/establishment Complication Climax Conflict Resolution

Narrative time

Premise Exposition of a story Time Place Characters Relationships Prevailing status quo

Premise Problem The event that upsets the status quo and creates the conflict.

Interest Interesting point Suspense Surprise

Reason Willing suspension of disbelief Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Roles Roles in narrative Author Narrator Character Reader

Players in game Player/character types Competitor Explorer Collector Achiever Joker Artist Director Storyteller Performer Craftsman

Roles Character Protagonist Antagonist

Character Agency The practical function of a character to serve as a representation of the player in the game.

Character Empathy The potential for players to develop an emotional attachment to the characters, to identify with their goals, and the game objectives.


Free will

Classical literature The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy 1759 Laurence Sterne

Tristram Shandy Role of the narrator Narrating as performance Reflexive narrating/writing Dramatic presentation of the act of writing

Tristram Shandy I am this month one whole year older that I was this time twelvemonth; and having got, as you perceive, almost into the middle of my fourth volume – and no farther than to my first day’s life – ‘tis demonstrative that I have three hundred and sixty-four days more life to write now, than when I first set out; so that instead of advancing … I am just thrown so many volumes back … as at this rate I should just live 364 times faster than I should write – It must follow, an’ please your worships, that the more I write, the more I shall have to write – and consequently, the more your worships read, the more your worships will have to read. (207)

Modern literature Rayuela (Hopscotch) 1963 Julio Cortázar

Hopscotch Non-linear reading Hypertext fiction



Andy Warhol – Chelsea Girls, 1966

Radúz Činčera – Kinoautomat, 1967

Radúz Činčera – Kinoautomat, 1967

I’m your man – Bob Bejan, 1992

I’m your man – Bob Bejan, 1992

Sonata – Grahame Weibren, 1993

The Bid – The Party, 1996

The Bid – The Party, 1996

Mike Figgis – Time Code, 2000

Game vs. film

Cause and Effect – Chris Hales

Uncompressed,, 2000

Uncompressed - Substanz, 2000

The Tulse Luper Suitcase – Peter Greenaway, 2003

The Tulse Luper Suitcase – Peter Greenaway, 2003

Soft Cinema – Lev Manovich, 2003

Soft Cinema – Lev Manovich, 2003

Machinima – American Beauty

Stitch Encounter – Disney

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