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Published on July 8, 2016

Author: wacton


1. Tutorial on Video Visualization Simon Walton, Oxford University Visual Design

2. Volume Visualization Volume sceneImage plane Volume dataset

3. The Curse of Dimensionality •  3D to 2D difficult enough •  Semitransparent materials alleviate •  3D + time (temporal volume) •  Animated: reduces to above case •  Static: Keyframe list, …? •  Abstract representations work well for summaries Dony et al., 2004, 2005

4. The Trail Ahead Abstraction Context Raw frames Extrusions Extraction & Abstraction

5. If You Don’t Know, Neither Does a Machine I need an algorithm that detects bad guys in a crowd. Sure. What does a bad guy look like? Just use your intuition!

6. Temporal Visual Signatures Gait: walking Gait: running & jumping Object dropping Object moving closer

7. Temporal Visual Signatures …Summarized? Daniel and Chen, 2003Höferlin et al., 2010 Extraction & Abstraction

8. Video: 2D + Temporal Dimension

9. Horseshoe Design Daniel and Chen, 2003

10. Visual Signatures (Chen et al., 2006) Extracted Objects Difference Volume Motion Flow with Arrow Glyphs Motion Flow with Streamlines new old

11. Motion Cases

12. Example: Fight, with man down

13. Volume & Flow •  Object volume •  no motion features •  Optical flow •  cannot adequately convey the presence of objects •  Combined visualization •  a person enters the scene •  stops to deposit a box •  moves around the box •  exits the scene object volume optical flow combined visualization

14. Video Perpetua-Gram (VPG) Botchen et al., 2008

15. Visual Analytics Höferlin et al., 2011 (JOSIS)

16. Fast-Forwarding through Video Höferlin et al., 2012 (TVCG)

17. Further Extraction: Glyph-based Summarization •  Summarizing a rugby match Legg et al., 2008 Extraction Context

18. Glyph-based Summarization

19. Utilizing the Audio Channel Höferlin et al., 2011 (ICAD)

20. Summarizing Audio Jänicke et al. 2010

21. Summary Abstraction Context Natural Time Time abstracted away

22. Thankyou •  Coffee time! •  Also, questions? •  Slides available at:

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