Video Interviewing: Increase Quality of Hire; Decrease Time to Fill… and Have Fun!

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Information about Video Interviewing: Increase Quality of Hire; Decrease Time to Fill… and...
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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: eremedia



Technology today provides us with intuitive tools to do more and do it better and faster than ever before. Video interviewing technology is an incredibly effective tool for talent acquisition leaders to:
Strengthen their employment brand
Increase quality of hire
Interview while they are sleeping
Avoid the scheduling nightmare
Dramatically reduce time-to-fill, and so much more
This fun, efficient and cost-effective approach to candidate evaluation quickly engages hiring managers in the process. Within minutes, it provides them with valuable candidate insights that would otherwise take hours of scheduling, phone and in-person interviewing.

In this webinar, Rachelle Snook will discuss what led WD-40 Company to implement video interviewing, how it’s being used and what results have been recognized. Finally, you will leave the webinar understanding what to look for in your organization to determine if video interviewing is a fit!

Video Interviewing Increase Quality of Hire, Decrease Time to Fill & … Have Fun. Rachelle Snook Global Talent Acquisition Manager

Goals • • • • • • Functionality Candidate evaluation Strengthen your employment brand Metrics How it is being used Is it a fit for you?

Poll • What is your familiarity with video interviewing prior to this webinar?  Currently Evaluating  Currently Using Pre-Recorded (Jobvite, Async Interview, HireVue)  Currently Using Live (Skype, Google Hangouts)  Know Something About It  Never Heard of It

EMEA Americas Asia-Pac Sold into 187 countries

• 60 years old • $1M revenue per employee • Average tenure 8.3 years • 372 employees • NASDAQ (WDFC)

Poll 1. If you have considered but have not yet integrated video interviewing technology, why? a) b) c) d) e) No budget Not sure the hiring managers will like it Not sure if you could figure it out Cost prohibitive Might turn the candidates away 2. Who currently has a can of WD-40 in their home, car or garage? a) Yes, one b) Yes, more than one c) No

The Technology

Candidate Dashboard

Strengthen Your Brand

Global Employment Brand 1. Culture – Tribe, Values, Sense of Belonging, Entrepreneurial, Learning, Work-Life Integration 2. Meaningful Work 3. Innovative 4. Brand Engagement 5. Stability

Global Candidate Profile         Values alignment Accountability “Can-Do” and “Will-Do” Passion Curious Aptitude Entrepreneurial / Creative Flexible

Candidate Evaluation

Content Validity (aka ‘logical validity’) • The content of the evaluation tools are derived directly from the positions essential functions. • There is logical consistency and therefore there is “face validity” of the tool’s.

Core Query Method A content-valid approach Essential Function Know-How (Skills) Problem Solving (Ability) Queries To Elicit Example Behavior

Evaluation Funnel Applicants Test Interview Application Evaluate (Video Interview) HR Phone/Skype interview Review Evaluate Interview! Debrief Evaluate Interview Offer Hire! Background check Hire!


System Metrics Candidates WD-40 • 7-10 minutes to complete • 48 Hours to Respond • 90% said created a favorable impression of WD-40 • 54% Outside of Business Hours

Metrics 1. Increase quality of hire 2. Minimize new hire turnover 3. Decrease time to fill 4. Reduce cost of hire

Is It A Fit For You? • 1-minute into a 30-minute phone screen • Too many finalists? • Are you looking for more consistency?

Future of Video Interviewing • More Strategic • More Use Cases – Training – Certifications – Reference Checks – Performance Reviews – Exit Interviews

“Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.” - Will Rogers

Thank you!

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