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Information about Video image processing

Published on March 31, 2014

Author: AliEmad1



Description on how to choose the right equipments for your city CCTV and the functions of each components.

Ali Emad Jehad P71084 KKKA6424 urban traffic management system

• Safety and security are the most valuable factor that rise the city to the most sustainable ever. To be sure that this principle run correctly and efficiently, we must accomplished establish a fully major CCTV System that cover the hall city with unreachable cameras with (360) degree view. • This system work hand by hand with the police force to increase the dispatch of police patrol to the scene.

Powerful CCTV cameras which can recognize and track faces from more than half a mile away.

• evaluate and develop state- of- the-art technologies for protection of Critical Infrastructures. • Help prevent crime and terrorism in areas with public access such as transport centers

• built “human classifiers” to detect people in images using: Visual imaging cameras • Thermal imaging cameras • Techniques for tracking the movements of detected individuals over time

Before Fog Reduction After Fog Reduction

With state-of-the-art technologies in access control, surveillance, and a diverse range of communication systems that enables systems integration over IP networks, Traffic Tech delivers complete security solutions for businesses, government establishments, and traffic & transport systems.

• Smart Eye: The Smart Eye is a portable & automated pan-tilt-zoom camera system for displaying real time video or still images remotely. • Smart Park: In Parking Mode, Smart park can be integrated with a Parking Management System to provide vehicle security features for paid and/or secure parking.

• Rising Road Blockers: Prevent entry of unwanted vehicles with crash tested rising road blockers that provide high level of security at all times. • Bollards: Protect your facility with rising or stationary bollards. Depending on the application and requirement, bollards that can be customized to suit aesthetic requirements.

• The measurement for resolution is Pixels Per Foot (PPF). A pixel, or picture element, is defined as the smallest piece of information in an image, usually in the form of a dot.

• The more area covered by a camera – whether analog or digital – the higher the pixel resolution needed. • Bandwidth requirements grow with resolution so the higher the resolution, the higher the • bandwidth and storage capacity needed.

• CCTV Cameras are video cameras located along the freeway corridors that send video images to the traffic management center where there are monitors and operators, who view them. The traffic images can be used to verify traffic accidents or congestion and can sometimes even assist in determining appropriate resources for incident clearance (i.e., fire trucks, ambulance, tow trucks, etc.).

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