Video-based marketing: How to make videos work for you

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Information about Video-based marketing: How to make videos work for you

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: alconost



All right, you have a great selling video for your product. What’s next? What can you do with a video to really benefit from it? How do you present it to your site visitors, how do you design a page with the video, how do you optimize it to improve your ranking in YouTube and Google search results? Alconost Video answers all of these questions.

How to make videos work for you Promoting via videos Kirill Kliushkin, Head of Video Production Alconost Inc.

Benefits of video Passive interact with existing site visitors • • • • • Active attract new visitors Get attention of visitors Show how to solve the viewer’s problem Talk about product features Motivate viewers to try the product Increase time spent on your pages • • • Video is indexed by Google and included in results Low competition – easier to get to the top Thumbnail in search results is an attention-getter

How startups benefit • • Test run for ideas: make a video and get feedback and pre-orders before spending on development Presentation video: adds gravitas in the eyes of investors

Where to host video Own server What advantages?? Video hosting: Youtube, Vimeo, etc. • Fast, no slowdowns • Social perks: comments, likes, sharing • More love from search engines

Page design • • • • Give the video to viewers right away, save their time and effort The more memorable the video, the better Place an action button (download, buy) right next to the video Careful with autoplay!

Be tough, be a Video Sitemap person

Promoting on YouTube How to get to the top of the results: • Keywords in the title, description, and tags • Number of views and comments for the video and channel overall • Number of channel subscribers • Age of video and channel • Number of likes, times added to playlists, complaints, video links to other sites • Number of external referral URLs • Average length of video views (relevance)

Use relevant keywords in the video title, description (at least twice), and tags Keyword selection tools: Google Keyword Tool Yandex Wordstat (RU) YouTube Keyword Tool (!) • • •

Select a thumbnail that speaks for itself • • For software, better to use thumbnails from screenshots If you don’t like the options offered, resize the video and YouTube will offer new thumbnails

Don’t close comments

Distribute the video far and wide – get as many views as possible • • • Social networks Blogs and press releases: posts with videos are easier to write Email (but carefully)

Buying and "pumping up" view and subscriber counts • • • • – viral video distribution – very simple, can use a Chrome autoclick plugin, half of subscribers are bots – stricter, only live clicks from real people – views only

Thanks for listening! Kirill Kliushkin Always open to scintillating conversation with scintillating people

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