Victorian Customs and Social Life

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Information about Victorian Customs and Social Life

Published on September 25, 2008

Author: turk


VİCTORİAN TRADİTİONS AND CUSTOMS : VİCTORİAN TRADİTİONS AND CUSTOMS VİCTORİAN CLOTHİNG VİCTORİAN WOMEN DRESS : VİCTORİAN WOMEN DRESS VİCTORİAN GENTKEMEN : VİCTORİAN GENTKEMEN A Victorian Entertainment - Cycling : A Victorian Entertainment - Cycling Cycling This became very popular. The safety bicycle was brought out in 1885 and was the cheapest way to travel. People who lived in town would ride out into the countryside on their bicycles. A victorian Sport - Croquet : A victorian Sport - Croquet Croquet & Lawn Tennis Croquet was introduced in England in 1856 and was probably brought to America in the early 1860’s. It was considered particularly suitable for women since it required considerable skills but not too much strength or technique. (Victorians believed women were deficient in both!). Although croquet was never a popular men’s game, it had both social and economic advantages: men and women could play together, and it required little equipment and no special clothing.   Lawn tennis was another popular sport for middle-class women. At first proper tennis omvolved patting the ball back and forth, without keeping score, but, players were soon caught up in the competitive spirit of the game, finding it an excellent method of exercise and a useful mental and physical outlet. More active than croquet or archery  tennis also appealed to men. By the 1880’s it had become the rage in fashionable summer resorts, and magazines devoted space to the proper clothes to wear while playing.

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