Victor Vickery - 7 Proven benefits of Hiring an Ex- Entrepreneur

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Information about Victor Vickery - 7 Proven benefits of Hiring an Ex- Entrepreneur

Published on October 24, 2020

Author: victorvickery


Slide 1: 7 Proven benefits of Hiring an Ex- Entrepreneur Victor Vickery is the CEO of Victory Marketing, a Real Estate company that actively and passively invests in properties. Victor merged his passion for interior design and flare for creativity by starting a business that buys properties, makes repairs and/or improvements to the property, and sells it later for a profit. Victor also passively invests in properties where he hires real estate firms to find and manage investment properties. Victor saw an opportunity to generate cash flow and capital doing what he loves and hasn't looked back. Slide 2: Entrepreneurs understand everything around business risks, potential opportunity and failures Most ex-entrepreneurs are people who took bold risks before; risks that probably led to the collapse of their businesses. And because they didn’t fail on their very first day in business, they must have had their fair share of entrepreneurial success at some point. What they bring to the table, therefore, is an all-around experience of both failure and success and a zeal to take on experiments and risks. Slide 3: They focus a lot more on the “bigger picture” than on petty workplace politics A former entrepreneur will only apply for a job in your company if your vision and mission align closely with his/her growth objectives. This goes without saying: All that person needs is a chance to redeem himself from past failures and to bring to life the great ideas he couldn’t actualize in his own company; probably due to financial constraints, lack of resources, or just mistakes that they’ve learnt from. Slide 4: Ex-entrepreneurs are great fits for leadership positions Ex-entrepreneurs comes with tons of experience in strategizing for big projects, outsourcing funds, building and managing teams, and solving complex business problems. Maybe that person was a competitor of yours- regardless of how small his company was- so he probably has done enough research about your company and the industry as a whole. He definitely understands what your company needs to do to shake off the competition. Slide 5: They never get comfortable For your company to grow, you need people who are able and willing to take your ideas and make them better. As a matter of fact, an employee who implements your ideas to the latter without tweaking and improving them will never give your brand the competitive advantage it needs to become an industry leader. Regrettably, employees who lack the entrepreneurial spirit easily get comfortable in their status quo and shut off innovation and creativity for as long as their paychecks keep coming. Slide 6: They are relentless in their pursuit of success When a potential business lead presents itself, entrepreneurs jump on it faster than everyone else and pursues it to fruition. They aren’t quitters. If you assign a task force to them, they will get the best out of every talent and skill under their management. And even when the available resources seem to be insufficient, a former entrepreneur will always maximize every penny until the end goal is achieved. Slide 7: They know how to nurture healthy business relationships Employees who go beyond their job descriptions to attend to customers, engage in community service, and network with potential investors on behalf of their companies are priceless for any employer. As a matter of fact, many employers these days are training their staff on the importance of relationships at different levels of business. But, in this regard, you don’t need to train someone with an entrepreneurial mindset because he/she intuitively values healthy business relationships. Slide 8: They are versatile If you hire someone who previously managed a startup company, that person will come with actionable experience on literally every aspect of running a business. Why so? Because startup entrepreneurs are basically jacks of all trades . You will find a small business owner doubling up as the social media manager, helping in designing the website, customer relations officer, human resource manager, technical manager, or even the tech expert. This is the versatility that you need for seamless flow of operations between departments. Slide 9: THANK YOU To know more, Follow us on:- Medium Linkedin Crunchbase

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