Vicam Ia Protocol Step By Step

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Information about Vicam Ia Protocol Step By Step

Published on September 17, 2009

Author: Josephcw


Elute AflaToxin with 1.0 ml Methanol Add Developer Solution Dilute with H2O Measure in Fluorometer Inject into HPLC

Vicam Immunoaffinity Column vs. ELISA

Training Vicam IA: Can be trained in an hour. Concept of method easy to understand. ELISA: Operator must measure and mix very small volumes, which can bead to errors. Concept of method difficult to understand.

Time to run test Vicam IA: Less than 15 minutes. ELISA: 20 minutes or more. Test requires 2 incubations of 5 or 10 minutes.

Storage of products Vicam IA: Room temperature and shelf life up to 1.5 years from date of production. ELISA: Must be refrigerated and 6 month shelf life. Must throwing away expired product.

Standards Vicam IA: Reusable standards to calibrate the fluorometer. One time low cost. ELISA: Must run 3 to 5 standards with every batch. Customer must pay to run each standard, which is costly.

Data display Vicam IA: Fluorometer printout in ppb or ppm for each sample. ELISA: Data printout in groups or must be calculated by using a separate computer and special software.

Ordering Vicam IA: Can order supplies separately as needed. ELISA: Must order as a kit. ELISA Wells can only be used with reagents in the kit (matched reagents).

Additional Advantage Vicam IA: • LOD: 0.5ppb. • Can be used with an HPLC clean up. ELISA: • LOD: 1 - 5 ppb • Can’t be used for HPLC clean up

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