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Published on July 20, 2018

Author: ArenaVimanNagar

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Benefits of Visual Effects in film industry VFX. VFX is the abbreviation for Visual Effects. In Filmmaking VFX is the process where Video Footage or Images are created outside the Circumstance of live action shoot. These effects are made on Computers with the help of different 3D and VFX applications. VFX Supervisor is responsible for achieving the desired effects as per the director’s demand and script. He is also responsible for a smooth workflow from live action shoot to artists working later on live shots in Post-Production to achieve the desired outputs. We at Arena Animation Viman Nagar train you to be one kind of a director by our courses provided. Benefits of VFX: 1. Location: There are a lot of films shot in India but the stories are set in New York or LA. The reason for doing this is because filmmakers want to take advantage of tax benefits. In this case you will only need a few shots showing some famous landmarks to let the audiences know where the story is taking place. Sending a crew over to another city just for a few shots takes lots of time and money plus it’s hard to manage. With slide 2: VFX this might be easily replaced. Our course teaches you all of this and makes it seem easier than it sounds. 2. Set: Instead of building a complete set only partly can be built with which the actors will interact and leave the rest to visual effects. This will save time and money and also a lot of trouble such as getting a big enough space to arrange the set. This basic understanding of visual effects is to know which parts are easier to build real and what is easier done in the post-production. The thumb rule of VFX is that anything the actors touch or walk on or will have moving light and shadows or reflections should generally be built real. We teach you how to perfect the art of VFX at arena animation Viman Nagar. 3. Moving vehicle: This is very common in movies. For filming actors in a moving vehicle such as a car train or plane by doing green screen window replacements are usually the best way to go. For a driving car on the street in which the actor is present the actor needs to focus on his acting and not driving. also you’ll need a permit for filming on a public street and need to close off the street to other cars and pedestrians. This is a lot of work. VFX will really save you a lot of money and trouble. Learn all of this Arena animation with experts to show you how it’s done. 4. Climate control: Shooting during the night or when it’s snowing or raining is not only going to cost you more on renting more lights or paying overtime to the crew and actors but it will also get reduce the quality of the images that are not very useful. The solution is to shoot in the daytime or clear weather and applying snow or rain elements in the post-production. 5. Fire: Lighting the set on fire is always risky and dangerous. You never want to see anybody on set get hurt and you don’t want to put yourself in the risk of only getting one shot to be shot perfectly. Using VFX in your film for a fire scene would be quicker and cheaper. The scenes which you have only watched it in movies get to learn how it’s done at Arena animation in Viman Nagar.

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