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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: SeanDykhouse1


V.E.T.S PROGRAM Assuring Quality Delivering Excellence Completing the Mission

• Sharp Decisions was established in 1990 as a systems integration and business process consulting firm. Utilizing skills and combined expertise from consultants throughout our corporation, Sharp offers versatility enabling us to respond to changing needs effectively and efficiently understanding that every client, every industry and project has its unique requirements and style. • Born out of providing strategic consultative services to the Financial Services industry, Sharp has migrated to other industry sectors including: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Entertainment and Media, and Automotive. This industry migration has aligned well and gained momentum as we rolled out our new QA and Software Testing strategies employing military veterans. • Sharp Decisions has the expertise and methodologies to balance costs, risks, and opportunities for our clients as we tap into our resources spread throughout our company. “Challenging the status quo” Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 2

Veterans of the United States Armed Services take their commitments seriously; service before self and excellence in all they do. Yet, many returning veterans face the challenge of finding careers suited to their skills. Recognizing the plight of returning veterans combined with our customers’ needs, Sharp Decisions is pleased to announce our new V.E.T.S. ™ Program: • Assuring quality and deliver excellence • Keeping highly performing teams of veterans working together • Providing employment and career opportunities to the men and women who have served and defended our country “Service Before Self” Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 3

Program Description V.E.T.S. ™ Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members The Program: • Leverages the skill sets of veterans • Trains veterans in a broad range of QA Software Testing skills, along with building specific capabilities for Business Analysts and Project Managers • Provides teams with knowledge of emerging developments, legislative, compliance and regulatory reporting critical to your business Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 4

What comes to mind when you think about Software Testing and other professional skills? • Rigor? • Process? • Discipline? • Experience? Maturity Rigor V.E.T.S. Experience Discipline V.E.T.S. Brings these disciplines together for you in a novel way, improving your testing outcome while enriching the lives of our Veterans. Why V.E.T.S.? Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 5

Service member V.E.T.S. Training Industry Experience Reliable Pragmatic Software Testing Taught by Industry Experts Disciplined Risk Based Testing Real World Examples Process oriented Business Analysis Principals Hands on Experience Articulate PMBOK Application of Testing Principals Team Player Introduction to Programming and Databases Industry Impacts Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 6

A comprehensive and broad training curriculum is a critical component of the V.E.T.S. program. Highly qualified veterans are taken through a training program that prepares them for real world software testing, ready to apply behavioral and structural testing techniques, using a variety of testing strategies and tactics, including: State transition diagrams, Black box, White box, Unit, Regression Testing, and UAT/Pilot testing. Documenting test plans, test cases, test results and defect reporting The V.E.T.S. training program also incorporates the basic skills and principals required to perform Business Analyst functions, full system lifecycle methodologies, as well as the principals, tools and proficiencies required in Project Management. V.E.T.S. Training Program Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 7

The software testing curriculum is built around the ISTQB certification program. Testing Tools Fundamentals of Software Testing • Pragmatic Software Testing • Risk Based Testing • Quality Risk Analysis • Introduction to Programming and Databases • HP Quality Center • JIRA • Overviews of: • Rational Tools • Test Complete • Visual Studio) • Automation Test (QTP) • SDLC Testing Methodologies: • Agile • Waterfall • V • Background in database structure, design and usage including developing SQL queries V.E.T.S. Training Curriculum Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 8

Business Analysis and Project Management • Training for V.E.T.S. extends beyond Quality Assurance to cover the broader lifecycle areas of Business Analysis and Project Management. Business Analysis • Requirements Elicitation • Business and Functional Requirements • Development • Stakeholder Reviews • Change Management Project Management • System Development Lifecycles • Agile, Waterfall, Iterative, V • Project Planning • Task Estimation and Tracking • Risk Analysis and Mitigation V.E.T.S. Training Curriculum Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 9

Industry specific training completes the foundation of the V.E.T.S program. Industry experts in the fields of Insurance, Healthcare, and Financial Services use a combination of instruction with real world examples and hands-on experience to re-enforce the application testing principals applicable to the industry. Sharp Decisions also deploys business Subject Matter Experts, (SME’s), to support the V.E.T.S teams on an as needed basis. V.E.T.S. Training Program Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 10

The V.E.T.S. Program is built around those characteristics and attributes that differentiate Service Members from others. Their experiences in the field, the sense of loyalty, and dedication to duty gained from active service form the foundation of a team you can trust in. Come with a wide-range of technical training and skills from the field. Bring Leadership and Management Skills that translate directly into the corporate work environment. They have proven that they are quick learners who are mission driven. Perform well under pressure, respect process and understand the chain of command. Have the ability to innovate rapidly in difficult and pressure situations. About the Team Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 11

Each QA Testing assignment brings together not only a core team of software testers, but the leadership and support to form a unique and united “Squad” to tackle your software testing challenge. “Tactical Support” The Squad “Leader” Experienced, proven leadership in software testing. Accountable for the outcome of each mission. Subject Matter Experts with broad industry experience to supplement and support each mission. The “V.E.T.S.” The core of the squad, providing either on-site or off-site testing. The Squad The “Squads” Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 12

Testing Tools/Reporting Manual Tools Automation Tools Status Reporting/ Test Summary Risks and Mitigation Impact of Failure Dependencies Test Requirements Completeness/Stability Performance Security Requirements Traceability Review Strategy/Preparednes s Test Plans Process/Walk-Thrus Inspections/Complianc e Resources Budget/Availability Skill-Level Roles/Responsibilities Application Quality of Software Quality of Database Business Need Commitment Testing Environment/ Infrastructure Hardware/Operating System Source Control Data Quality/Environment QA Testing Strategy Test Objectives Unit Test/Functional Test Integration Test Regression Test/System Test Load Test/Performance Test Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 13

PLAN Test Scope Test Strategy Test Plans Compliance Infrastructure Risk/Mitigation Dependencies Resources Budget Skill Level QM SME EXECUTE Tools Checklists Test Case Creation Functional Performance DEPLOY Post Release Evaluation/ Lessons Learned Knowledge Management Automation Test Execution Manual Test Execution Defect Tracking/ Reporting Software Release Regression Test UATs Sign-Offs SDLC Communication with Dev, PMs, BAs Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 14

Expected Deliverables: Pilot Run: Beginning Stage get to know the complexity and set guidelines for duration of the implementation. • • • • Test Plans Estimated timelines Test Cases Scenarios Test Status Report(Test% Coverage, Road Blocks) Detailed acceptance plan that defines the minimum quality standards that are expected to be achieved before the project goes further. Weekly reports are based on agreement with Mgr and QA Team Test Execution Manual/Automated Bug/Issue Reporting and Re-testing Execute Testing: We create test cases in advance which can be used at all stages before the project is to go live. The project plan is refined and enhanced as the project becomes more mature; and validated with the client for feedback and Improvements. Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 15

Capability Able to offer teams from 5 – 20+ Resource retention Receives Structured Training Provides Test Mgmt and Business SME Supports multiple test strategies Supports multiple testing tools Employs consistent processes Offsite team capabilities Onsite team capability Resolve questions same day Resource cost Response to testing crisis Management communication Structured deliverables Offsite secure facility Sharp Decisions Typical Offshore Yes High Yes Yes – onsite and offsite Yes Yes Yes Yes – in same time zone Yes Yes Comparable fully loaded Immediate In person or phone/email Yes Yes Yes Low No At additional cost Yes Yes Yes Yes – different time zone Sometimes No – usually next day Base cost lower Likely next day Usually phone/email Yes Yes Testing Capability Comparison Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 16

• Being a new offering at Sharp Decision, we are in a position to offer a limited number of customers the opportunity to assess the program at a significantly reduced price point. • As an early adopter, you have the opportunity to put the V.E.T.S. program to work for you with minimal risk and cost. Ground Floor Opportunity Vocations, Education and Training for Service Members 17

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