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Published on November 11, 2016

Author: SretenJohnGajic


1. Growth Hacking, For Hire

2. VERSUS VENTURES – WHAT WE DO 2 VERSUS is a MIND2MARKET development shop. We work for clients to accelerate innovation-incubation for growth outcomes. We can TEST YOUR IDEA, BUSINESS CASE, or POTENTIAL INVESTMENT. We make innovation BIG, FAST & DOABLE. We are NOT an agency or consultants. We are HIRED GUNS that DO the work.


4. VERSUS VENTURES – HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT 4 1. We ONLY test CRITICAL ASSUMPTIONS 2. We use our proprietary TEST HARNESS METHODOLOGY testing DIGITALLY, and NEVER overbuild – saving TIME* and $$ 3. Drive rapidly through the BUILD-MEASURE-LEARN loop, deriving metrics & insights to develop an MVP (minimal viable product prototype) After proving or disproving Critical Assumptions we can establish a case for COMMERCIALIZATION, PIVOT, or DISCONTINUATION of the initiative. *Oh, and time is also $$! More importantly, as you are reading this, someone is already working on YOUR idea. For you to succeed, cutting TIME-TO-MARKET is imperative!

5. CASE STUDY: DIGITAL WARRANTIES A global warranty company wanted to explore opportunities to take its business in the US from a brick-and-mortar retail model, to a direct on-line model, and in- turn have greater control over route-to-market, increasing their margin. 5 Using VERSUS Test Harness Methodology, in 90 days the client was able to test a minimum viable product (MVP) getting 5K+ users to register their electronics on the new digital platform. This drove a clear commercialization decision, in a fifth of the time the earlier initiatives took to get to an inconclusive outcome. Previous attempts to develop and test an on-line proposition drove channel conflict, regulatory issues, internal IT friction, and slow development times- resulting in the initiative being abandoned. THE SITUATION THE CHALLENGE BOTTOM LINE

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