Vermachtnis Legacy Chapter 19

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Published on April 16, 2014

Author: taube22


Welcome back to the Vermachtnis Legacy! We are going through a 10- kid generation in the 9th generation. So far, they have five kids and Veronica is pregnant with the 6th. Today, the youngest two, Yvonne and Yvette, are aging into toddlers. The older three, Yasmine, Yuliana, and Yves, are there with Sasha and Hayden to cheer the little ones on, while moms Ericka and Veronica do the tossing.

And here they are! Yvonne, on the left, has a personality of 10/3/3/5/10. Yvette’s personality is 8/2/1/6/8. They’re the first really, really nice sims (the older three are moderate), so they should get along with Veronica well.

Ericka has worked very hard to reach the top of the business career (and is still waiting for criminal so she can complete her LTW) so she hasn’t spent as much time with the kids as stay at home mom Veronica. However, she is secondary family, so she loves to cuddle the little ones and play around with the bigger ones when she’s home in the evenings.

The kids are all gaining their age- appropriate skills at a good pace. Yvette’s first word was ‘mommy’ but Yvonne is focused on the high chair that they don’t actually own because toddlers in this house only get fed smart milk.

The three older kids get along so well you’d think they were triplets, but only Yasmine and Yves are twins, and Juliana is just a sister, albeit born on the same day due to me being dumb. They love to tell secrets in particular. In fact, all the kids this generation turned out to be big secret tellers. Because the last several generations except for Veronica have been fairly mean, I’m used to the adults gossiping a lot autonomously, but I’ve never seen so many secrets told.

After getting in to private school last chapter, the kids are finally going in for their first day today. Don’t they look smashing? But where’s Yasmine?

Well, she was all the way on the top floor again, getting read to by Hayden. I don’t know why they go up there. Anyway, she had to race down two flights of stairs to make it to the bus on time.

Another pop! Here comes number 6, or, as is more likely, 6 and 7. Veronica has the lifetime perk that increases the odds of twins and so far both times she’s given birth, it’s been twins.

“We’ve got another one on the way, Hayden!” “Didn’t you guys just have some? I remember celebrating a birthday of some quite small kids recently. Shouldn’t you space them out or something?” “That’s no way to reach ten!” Yeah, Hayden. We’re going to fill up the house until I lose it or it starts getting too laggy. Then they can take a break, if that moment comes, that is.

So cute. These two just adore each other. Three bolts will do that.

Eww, gross! Yvette managed to puke all the way to a good two yards or so behind Ericka. I suggest you don’t play that way with her anymore, Ericka. “No kidding.”

Yay! Ericka finally found a job in criminal. Like I said before, I don’t really think it suits her personality, but it is her LTW, so we’ll just get it out of the way. Criminal Mastermind, here we come!

Hayden and Yasmine are still reading all the time. When they have free time in the mornings (since afternoons are reserved for studying), Yasmine always makes a beeline for her grandfather. Meanwhile, the grandmother of the house prefers to use her time to cheat at chess with whoever is willing to play her. Today it’s Morris Vermachtnis, a gen. 5 spare.

“Mom told me something about how important it is to give your partner backrubs while you’re pregnant. Although, now that I think about it, she may have been being sarcastic. Hmm.”

So much hang-loosing goes on in this house, even though no one alive has even been to Twikkii. Ericka’s so intent on it that she is nearly missing a very important event: the birth of her next child.

Enough screaming from Veronica and Ericka gets with the program, however. Notice that Sasha decided to leave the room, despite the fact that her daughter is giving birth.

“Okay, think! Wife just had a baby, all the past babies of hers have been twins, there’s only one baby so far. What could I be forgetting? Oh well, guess I’ll just have a quick nap!”

“Oh . . . yawn! What’d you wake me up for, sweetie?” “Seriously?! Oh, nevermind. Here, hold this.”

Yup! Twins again. Today we have two little girls. On the left, with black hair and green eyes, is Yanichel. On the right, with brown hair and grey eyes, is Yantse. That makes six girls to one boy born so far.

I’m beginning to suspect that the “increase” from the lifetime perk is the same as the “increase” from cheesecake – that is to say, it is a 100% chance. I can’t prove it, but you could certainly say her odds have been increased.

Hayden got abducted. There’s certainly been a lot of that going around recently. With 7 children in the house, I am so relieved that the only guy over the age of majority is an elder. No alien babies now, thank you!

“Psst! Did you hear what happened to Grandpa Hayden last night?” Um, Yves, you might want to be a bit more circumspect than that.

Up to now, I’ve been thinking, “Wow! Being able to get more kids in the house makes this impossible want almost trivially easy!” Well, now that there are two babies, two toddlers, three children and of course all the grown-ups to look after, I am thinking maybe it is still not the easiest thing in the world.

Luckily birthday time has come for the four youngest, which will make things at least a little easier, since kids are easier to take care of than toddlers. I’ve done four toddlers once in the main line and it was no joke.

Here’s Yantse on the left and Yanichel on the right. I love that we got more big eyes, especially since Veronica was the only one in her generation to get them. This is now the fourth generation that has them, and who knows? Maybe the heir/ess will have them and we’ll get them in gen. 10 too. Anyway, Yantse’s personality is 7/2/10/1/10. Yanichel’s is 10/2/10/1/10. These two are very nice and very similar in personality. Also quite neat and active. Yanichel’s personality is so extreme that it seems more like an alien than a descendent of an alien.

Yvette refused to grow up for some reason, so we had to get her a second cake.

Now she’s aged. Here’s Yvonne and Yvette as children. Very cute. Except for their eyes, they look quite a bit like Veronica in the rest of their face.

Again, the children in the various life stages learn their skills. Yvonne and Yvette made it first to the couch one Saturday morning, while Yuliana followed them, but . . .

. . . the skilling couch is simply not big enough for all five children! Yasmine and Yves have to sit at the chess table, which has the added benefit of preventing Sasha from cheating at chess on her relatives.

There’s quite a few instruments in the living room, so music is naturally a big hobby for all the sims in the house, since they are drawn to instruments like few other objects. While the rest of the adults like to play them, Veronica really enjoys dancing while people she loves play music. I think that’s sweet.

Besides in their personalities, Yantse and Yanichel are very twinny. They both had the same first word, and at the same time!

Another visit from the headmaster. Hayden regales him with a tale of his recent trip through the cosmos with the aliens, but the headmaster doesn’t look all that interested.

The headmaster perks up a bit when he sees all the kids studying, the heiresses playing beautiful in- the-zone music, and dines on turkey while Sasha smustles in the background. What a tour, huh?

“So, like, Yvette and Yvonne are in or whatever. I guess you wanted that or something?” “Oh, thank you! I’m so happy. Let me just put my book away and we can shake on it!” “Mmm, naw, I think I’ll just show myself out.” Some headmasters are so antisocial!

“Honey, I just got another promotion! I’m moving steadily towards my lifetime want.” “That’s great, Ericka! What do you say we celebrate?” “Just what I was thinking!”

It only takes a day before the results of the celebration are evident. Here comes number 8! Or numbers 8 and 9, probably!

Yvonne and Yvette look darling in their uniforms. I never get tired of these pictures, so sorry if you do.

Sasha is obsessed with the fact that her husband got abducted and will gossip about it to anyone that will hold still long enough.

It’s birthday time for the three oldest, and not a moment too soon since there is another baby (or babies) on the way! In a 10-kid generation you have to ship ‘em off to college quickly, but I usually do that in non-joint legacies anyway. Also, nice beards on the children when they hug Yasmine. Very classy.

It is also Yantse and Yanichel’s birthday, so they get to go first. As you can see, we took about a day’s break from them having kids so that the oldest would move out before there were way too many in the house.

That’s Yantse on the left and Yanichel on the right. They’re adorable! I’m really happy about all the recessive eyes this generation too, and the green ones are my favorite out of the eye set that I use, so I’m really happy to see them.

For a few moments, there are now 7 children in the house, but that will change soon. Yasmine, Yves, and Yuliana step up to the cakes.

And here they are as teens. Very good- looking. Yasmine is Family/Popularity (just like Veronica!) with the LTW to marry off 6 kids. Yuliana is Grilled cheese/Fortune with the obvious LTW of eating 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. Finally, Yves is Fortune/Family with the LTW to top the business career.

And off they go to college! None of them maxed their skills – in fact, none of the kids of this generation did before they left the house – but they still earned plenty of scholarships.

The oldest kids are barely out of the house before Sasha’s gossiping about them with some random townie. Mean sims. You’ll notice Yasmine’s outfit is different. Ericka keeps rolling all these wants whenever she has teenagers to have them be overachievers and get A’s and get certain scholarships, so I have to go to college each time a set grows up and get them in a dorm so she’ll stop thinking they’re teens.

The house is down three sims to only 8 total (plus a dog). We can’t have that, now. Time for more sims!!!

With no toddlers currently in the house, Veronica and Ericka have a bit more time to spend together and they take full advantage of it. They both get so many points every time a baby is born and for various parenting things that Ericka is constantly platinum even though she hasn’t yet reached her LTW.

Another headmaster visit, this time for Yantse and Yanichel, but Ericka burned the turkey. It’s okay, though: she quickly cooked another one and the visit was a success. The headmaster will deign to shake hands with Hayden but not Ericka. Why?

Early the next morning, Veronica goes into labor, waking up her wife.

Hayden, who was milling about in the hall looking at portraits, comes running to hang loose with Ericka, but once again there’s a hand-off. Another set of twins!

On the left we have Yumi, a girl with brown eyes, S4 skin, and black hair. On the right is her twin, Yuri, a little boy with green eyes, S4 skin, and black hair.

Veronica and Ericka immediately start adoring their youngest two, and by this time the rest of the family is waking up and comes in to cheer Yumi and Yuri’s arrival.

Here’s Yantse and Yanichel heading off to private school.

Hayden and Sasha were getting quite old. Not only would I like them to see all 10 of their grandkids, I would also like their help raising them at least through the toddler stage. A few hits of elixir ought to do the trick.

Psst, wanna hear a secret? These Vermachtnis kids share more secrets than anyone else. Don’t tell!

Ericka is finally a criminal mastermind and permaplantinum. Her new LTW is to be the top of the SCIA, which is a little funny because that’s currently Sasha’s job. Can there be two heads of the SCIA in one household, or will subterfuge arise?

“A big promotion! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “Two tickets to Baby City, please! Time to finish starting this generation!” “Okay, that just sounds funny.” “You know what I mean.” “Right, two tickets, coming up!”

Yeah, Ericka is soooo not a criminal mastermind, even if the costume is in her colors. Time to find a job in intelligence.

Sasha is constantly smustling in the kitchen (which is a little weird since the stereo is in the living room), and everyone is gathering for another birthday. Yanichel and Yvette start smustling along with their grandmother.

“C’mon, Yvonne! Join us!” “Okay!”

“Yantse, smustle with Grandma! You know you want to!” “I’m not sure . . .”

“Oh, okay!”

Once the intergenerational smustling party dies down, we can get on with Yumi and Yuri’s birthday. Ericka is out being criminal, so Hayden gets to do the honors of tossing one of the babies.

Here they are! Aren’t they adorable? I love these two, especially Yuri. I’m glad to see another pair of big, green eyes, and finally another boy. I was starting to wonder if Yves might be the only one. Yumi’s personality is 8/3/10/7/7. Yuri’s is 8/2/7/6/4.

Ick. Veronica got some pretty bad morning sickness with her first and last pregnancies, and only transient sickness with the three in between. She clogged up the toilet in the master bath and made a real mess, which she then kept bending over and sticking her hands in before anyone could clean it up.

She finally pops while inexplicably making a sandwich in the office instead of the kitchen.

As usual, Ericka is very excited for the pregnancy. They’ve both had the 10 kids want locked for a long time now, but they’ll probably end up with 11. Somehow, I think that will suit them just fine.

Birthday time has come for the second set of twins, Yvette and Yvonne.

Even their great uncle Sammy, who comes home from work with Sasha quite frequently, is there to cheer them on!

Here they are! I thought they looked a lot more alike as toddlers and kids, but as teens they actually look fairly different, especially about the mouth. Anyway, Yvonne is Knowledge/Pleasure and wants to max 10 skills, which will only happen if she’s played in college, because she’s getting kicked out of the house this very night. Yvette is Popularity/Family and wants 20 best friends just like her mom has.

Goodbye, girls! Have fun at college!

“Psst, did you hear that Mom’s pregnant?” “Uh, yeah.” Secrets!

Ericka has finally maxed all her skills. She’s also working in intelligence now and is creeping her way up towards Sasha’s job.

And finally Veronica is ready to give birth for the last time this generation. But oh no! We have reached another (manufactured) cliffhanger. Will there be one or will the lifetime perk prevail in giving us 11 kids? What will they look like? Will these nuts really be able to finish raising all the kids to college age? Will I? Check back next time! Don’t forget to visit at SiMania!

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