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Published on December 9, 2018

Author: mslauralozano


Slide1: Verbs that add ed Verbs. What is a verb?: Verbs. What is a verb? A verb is a word which describes the action in a sentence (the doing word) Examples I play football. They skip quickly. We eat spaghetti. Bob is seven today. Can you spot the words which are verbs?: Can you spot the words which are verbs? sun pink pig jump sit cup happy One way to check if a word is a verb is to see if it can be changed Present tense to past tense: Present tense to past tense The following sentences are written in the present tense. Try changing them to the past tense by putting Yesterday at the beginning of each. I walk to school. They jump the rope. Bob looks at the bug. I play football. How have the verbs changed? Which word in each sentence changes? How did you do?: How did you do? Yesterday I walked to school. Yesterday they jumped quickly. Yesterday Bob looked at the bug. Yesterday I played football. Is there a spelling pattern connecting the changes to these verbs? Most verbs just need ed: Most verbs just need ed walk jump look play walk ed jump ed look ed play ed Spot the pattern: Spot the pattern Put these sentences into the past. Think how the verbs would alter this time. She hops over the cracks. The cow skips over the moon. I bat the ball in the garden. You tap on the window. How did you do?: How did you do? She hopped over the cracks. The cow skipped over the moon. I batted the ball in the garden. You tapped on the window. How have these words altered? What have these words in common?: What have these words in common? hop skip bat tap hop p ed skip p ed bat t ed tap p ed Similar words. Different rules: Similar words. Different rules tap/ tape hop/ hope I always tape my favorite TV shows. We hope we win the race. hope tape hope d tape d Ending in y: Ending in y I try to make all my letters join. When I hurt myself I cry. For breakfast I fry some eggs. I carry the register to the office. The y changes to…: The y changes to… I try to make a goal. I cry because it hurts. For breakfast I fry some eggs. I carry the iPad to school. try cry fry carry tr i ed cr i ed fr i ed carr i ed What are the rules?: What are the rules? marry married try tried spy spied cook cooked play played jump jumped hug hugged stop stopped grab grabbed save saved bake baked tape taped fix fixed mix mixed box boxed Double the final consonant and add ed Most words= Add ed Change y to i then add ed A quick recap and challenge: A quick recap and challenge Write the past tense versions of these verbs. pot pack stop wait try waited packed stopped potted tried married marry

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