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Information about Verbs 1 - Present Simple

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: SanneKalkman



Explanation about the usage and form of the present simple.

PRESENT SIMPLE Grade 7 - Verbs 1 Ms. Kalkman - English

Usage 1 • Repeated actions • I go to school every day. • He never eats pancakes. Past Present Future

Signal Words These words tell you that you use the present simple: always often usually sometimes seldom never You can also find other phrases like: every day every week every year on Mondays after school

Usage 2 • Facts or generalizations • Cats eat meat. • Many people love Harry Potter. • Justin Bieber is a great singer. • It does not matter if the fact is TRUE or not! Past Present Future

Usage 3 • Plans for the near future. • The train leaves at 6 tonight. • There is morning assembly next week. Past Present Future

Form – Regular verbs • He/she/it: [verb] +s • Everything else: [verb] • I always eat vegetables. • He never eats cookies. • The dog likes meat.

Form – Questions & Negatives • Negatives • I want to go to Paris -> I don’t want to… • He eats cookies -> He doesn’t eat cookies • Questions • Do I want to go to Paris? • Does he eat cookies? • Be careful with he/she/it! • In a question or negative do gets +s, not the other verb! • “do” becomes “does”

Spelling +s • Verb ends in –Y  -ies • I never cry. • The baby cries every night. • Verb ends in –o  -oes • Most students go to school every day. • Johnny never goes to school. • Verb ends in –s, -z or -sh sound  -es • I teach English. • Mr. Perlingiero teaches DT. • Anything else  -s • I want to go on vacation. • My cat wants to catch a mouse.

Form – Irregular Verbs To be • I am • You are • He/she/it is • We are • You are • They are To have • I have • You have • He/she/it has • We have • You have • They have

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