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Published on November 22, 2008

Author: mnsmedia



Rapper Verba Murda Presskit

Press Kit

Verbal Murda, AKA Murda, is from York, PA. M.U. is ready to start the path to becoming one of the music in- dustries next Hip-Hop success stories. His wordplay is matched by his ability to make hit songs. M.U. started out writing rhymes at age 12, but like most beginning M.C.’s, M.U. kept his rhymes to himself. At age 15, M.U. was convinced by a friend, who also wrote rhymes, to join his Rap group. With his friend and an- other M.C. they formed the group CASO. With his new group members M.U. (who back then went by the name 14th) honed their skills working with local beat makers. In 1998 CASO released a series of Mixtapes that captured the hearts and minds of York PA and its surrounding communities. CASO continued releasing solo and group Mixtapes and independent projects over the next few years, earning a reputation for his lyrical ability and showmanship. During this time, M.U. and the group CASO, opened up for major recording artists such as: Jay Z, D Block, Nore, KRS 1, Keith Murray and a host of others. Unfortu- nately in 2001, M.U.s partners were incarcerated, leaving M.U. to focus on his solo career. In 2002 M.U. released his first solo Mix CD, The League of Extraordinary Men. More recently M.U. has released a double Mix CD, Murda in the 1st Degree, which sold over 5000 copies in the south central P.A. region. M.U. has also won a number of M.C. battles. Verbal entered DJ Kay Slays Who’s Hot Battle, (and Won), which landed him on Hot 97 Drama Hour with DJ Kay Slay. On Hot97, Kay Slay featured an interview with M.U., and freestyle. M.U. has also been feature on the Who’s Hot DVD re- leased in November of 2005. He will also be featured on The V.I.P section TV DVD along with a host if others, coming out 2008. M.U. has also recently shared the stage with major label artists D Block, Drag on, Cassidy and Juelz Santana.M.U. has a new independent release called Da Proof . With this release M.U. has turned his attention to catching the attention of a record label that can help make him the music industries next hip hop success story. unsigned_hype_verbal_murda.php view_press_release_printer_friendly.php?rID=40774

For Immediate Release Contact: PRESS RELEASE MNS Media Group March 5th 2008 Verbal Murda, The Ladies Love his “Sex Games” Just as the buzz continues about the East falling off, Verbal Murda stands ready to keep the East Coast flag flying high. Hood Music & Good Music representative, Verbal Murda is steady in his warm up for his debut album “Murda Ain’t Always A Crime” The track orchestrated by producer DJ 5053 - grants M.U. enough room in the shell-case to shoot out undeniable emotion laced with incredi- ble conviction. Encouraging a topical range with the lyrical swag of a battle rapper, M.U., reaches out to the fans without profanity displaying a refreshing edge, confidently exclaiming, I'm the la- dies choice, & the hoods voice… Comparable to Joe Budden with his honesty and a decision to 'keep it real' for the listeners, M.U.’s own approach to songwriting can be summed up in his ability to express emotion and his topi- cal diversity. From spiritual contemplation Tracy Chapmans Re- mix to “Fast Car” ft. Verbal Murda to his reflection on his relationship with a fe- male with his promotional single “Sex Games”, is the ladies favorite. Verbal Murda will easily leave the fans curious for his LP. Verbal Murda a.k.a. M.U. www.reverbnation/verbalmu (for Verbal Murda’s free downloads)

For Immediate Release Contact: PRESS RELEASE MNS Media Group March 5th 2008 Verbal Murda’s single “Sex Games” Featured on FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (for free business MP3’s downloads) Verbal Murda’s single “Sex Games” Featured on unsigned_hype_verbal_murda.php York, Pennsylvania – MNS Media Group,.(MNS) today we announced that the debut single of one of it’s brilliant and streetwise hip hop artists, Verbal Murda, was selected to be featured on Urban Streetz, a premier hip hop web- site. Verbal Murda searing single “Sex Games” from his debut release Murda Isn’t Always A Crime is being showcased at Urban Steez along with DJ Kay Slay’s Drama Hour interview with Verbal Murda for New York’s hottest radio station Hot 97fm., an online venue designed to feature up- and-coming artists and bring you current music as well as hip-hop news and gossip. Because of the popular response from the hip-hop community, MNS Media Group has chosen “YoYo” as Verbal Murda’s soon to be released sec- ond single. In other news, Verbal Murda aka Antoine Beard- is preparing for filming the music video for “YoYo” his new hit single already impacting radio airways. As the songwriter, Verbal Murda helped develop the creative treatment for the video which features high action, entertaining visuals, the “YoYo” Dance, and his signature energetic rap style. The video will be serviced to over 125 video shows state to state, hitting target markets New York, Pennsylvania, Balti- more, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Texas, California and many cities in-between. Verbal Murda is currently scheduling tours and planning meet and greet ses- sions with record pools, music directors, and industry professionals. For scheduling information or to request a meeting, contact MNS Media Group at (717) 332-4490 or email

Previous Performances 1. Club Envy 615 E. Market St. York, 17403 US Description: All ladies free till 11:00. 21 to get it poppin. I.D. required. Performance by/ Verbal Murda of Caso, Native Son, N.F.L., Ree$ Money Records and other guest appearances. The Plaza Club Vancouver, CA Sonar Night Club Vancouver, CA Summer ‘07 Magazine Launch Party July 25, 2007 8:00 PM New York, NY “The World’s Perfect Party Spirit” & “My Space’s Queen”, Tila Tequila and (Verbal Murda) hosted the magazine launch with a huge party in New York City. Farquhar Park Festival July 7, 2007 5:00 PM Farquhar Park, York, PA Verbal Murda performed and held an autograph signing at the Farquhar Park Festival. The Marvelous Marquette’s Birthday Bash The Chiller, York, PA Eddie Kane, also known as Grump celebrated his album release with a party featuring performances by EZ, Verbal Murda, and Eddie Kane, himself Conscious Decisions CD Release Party April 7, 2006 7:00 PM The Velencia, York, PA Urban Music Summit Showcase includes Hip Hop, R&B and spoken word artists. There were network- ing opportunities, artist meet & greets, and tons of aspiring singers, dancers, Hip Hop artists and spo- ken word artists showcasing all of their original material. Speed Nightclub, New York, NY Dewey’s Flatiron, New York, NY Chrome Nightclub, Philadelphia, PA Club NV’s, York, PA WETbar 960 Spring St., Atlanta Harrah's Resort & Casino 777 Harrah's Boulevard, Atlantic City

Be sure to visit the site for downloadable jpeg photos at 300 dpi. Picture link: Video Links:

Verbal M.U.rda is currently scheduling tours and planning meet and greet sessions with record pools, music directors, and industry professionals. For scheduling information or to request a meeting, contact: MNS Media Group 717-332-4490

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