Verb Tenses

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Information about Verb Tenses

Published on January 10, 2009

Author: twils


THE VERB : THE VERB TO BE The verb be takes on different forms in the present and past. : The verb be takes on different forms in the present and past. Simple Present : Simple Present It is really hot today.Grady's not here right now.Greg and Tim are engineers. Simple Past : Simple Past Trudy was sick yesterday. Simple Future : Simple Future I'll be back tomorrow Present Continuous : Present Continuous She is being nice today Past Continuous : Past Continuous He was being silly all day. Future Continuous : Future Continuous I will be seeing you Thursday. Present Perfect : Present Perfect I’ve been to Myers twice today. Past Perfect : Past Perfect I had been to the shops when I saw them. Future Perfect : Future Perfect I will have been to England the next time I see them. Future Perfect Continuous : Future Perfect Continuous I will have been working on this all this time! Present Perfect Continuous : Present Perfect Continuous I’ve been listening to music while you have been talking. Past Perfect Continuous : Past Perfect Continuous I had been sketching this when you called. Slide 15: Now and try to put the tenses of the verb ‘to be’ on the time line chart in front of you. Good luck!

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