Venture Capital, Catastrophism, & The Redemption of Immanuel Velikovsky

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Information about Venture Capital, Catastrophism, & The Redemption of Immanuel Velikovsky

Published on October 25, 2007

Author: pkedrosky



Musings on venture capital, catastrophism, the Central Limit Theorem, and Tiger Woods' swing.

Venture Capital , Catastrophism , & the Redemption of Immanuel Velikovsky Paul Kedrosky Oct. 24/2007

Far better an approximate answer to the right question , which is often vague , than an exact answer to the wrong question , which can always be made precise . J. Tukey (1962), Annals of Mathematics and Statistics 33:1-67




First things first










If I am interested in, say, the distribution of the intensities of hurricanes, I cannot just “collect data more frequently”: I will just have to wait for the next hurricane to arrive. Source: R. Rebonatto, Plight of the Fortune-Tellers (2007)

Catastrophism vs. Uniformitarianism

With correlations growing across all strategies, alt asset firms are in a social network ... they just didn’t know it .

The trouble with normal

A putative 100 mile long by 10 mile wide (160 × 16 km) wildfire reported in 1889 was reconstructed to an area of chaparral 40 times smaller … Source: Goforth and Minnich, 1996, Ecological Applications , p. 779-790






Tiger Woods & .400 hitters




Blind spots , predictability and the right wall of human performance



Errors of Nature , Sports and Monsters correct our understanding in regard to ordinary things, and reveal general forms . Francis Bacon, Novum Organum

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