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Information about Vehicle CNG Conversion System

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: rubel2012



Different types of Vehicle CNG Conversion System

Vehicle CNG Conversion system Introduction: As we have seen the need for CNG in cars are increasing day by day and more people are adopting CNG Kits as their option for a Better, Cleaner tomorrow, knowing the fact that it’s economical for pocket and engine friendly also. Types: There are mainly 2 kinds of kits available in Bangladeshi Market Conventional kits & Sequential Kits. A lot of CNG Kit users and CNG enthusiasts are un-aware / confused about the two technologies, but the difference is quite simple. Conventional System: The CNG Reducer supplies the CNG Gas to the Engine through a locally made Air Gas Mixture which is not supplied by the CNG Kit Manufacturer; it is then fitted on the Air Intake (Inlet Manifold) of the Engine. The CNG Gas and Air mixture is sucked by the Engine which travels through the manifold and reaches inside the engine, according to its firing order. As there is no computer control over the flow of CNG gas into car’s engine in a conventional CNG Kit, an even flow of CNG gas mixture now enters into the combustion chamber and burns with the help of the Sparks generated by the Spark plugs fitted in the Cylinder Head. If the Plugs are week then the car can backfire, resulting in a mild explosion within the engine compartment which is released through the Air Cleaner of the car. This can often result in blowing off the Air Cleaner assembly of the car. That is why many cars are found with busted Air Cleaner assy. Another drawback is a compromise of the Engine Power (roughly 10-30%), and loss of Engine Life due to poor pick up and A/C load. Lambda Controlled System (LCS): The next improvement in Engine Technologies (BS-III) little improvement in the CNG Kit technology was achieved with the introduction of Lambda Controlled System (LCS) or Close loop System & Timing Advancers (TA). A little control of the Gas flow and poor pick up can be made up with this LCS and TA that are connected with the MAP Sensor, TPS & Oxygen Sensor (Lambda sensor) fitted in the Engine & Exhaust Manifold (Silencer) of the Car. Due to the slight improvement in car’s pick-up with CNG Kits fitted with LCS and TA; more users started to switch to CNG from petrol and the use of A/C on CNG was more effective without compromising performance and engine’s life.

Sequential System (Omegas/5th Generation): With the further advancements in technology and need for better performance from CNG Kits users, Sequential CNG Kits were introduced to match the performance of EFI or MPFI car by delivering computer controlled CNG gas injection through nozzles (similar to injectors in petrol cars) which is matched to the engine’s original computer for better optimization, increased performance and power & even better fuel efficiency. The Difference between a Sequential CNG Kit & Conventional CNG Kits is as same that of a Petrol Carburetor Car and MPFI Car. In MPFI cars the delivery and quantity of fuel is controlled by the Petrol Injectors installed in the Cylinder Head Assembly. The Injectors are connected with the Electronic Control Module (ECM) of the Car which takes signals from other sensors fitted and helps in improving the pick and mileage of the cars and helps in reduction of pollutants levels also. A Sequential CNG Kit works the same way. It has a separate CNG gas ECM and multiple CNG Gas Injectors to control the flow and quantity of the CNG gas. These are installed just next to the petrol injectors on the engine cylinder head. CNG gas is pumped inside the engine’s combustion chamber which results in better fuel combustion resulting in better pickup, increased mileage, low engine load and no dust entry into the engine when compared to air-gas mixture installed in a conventional CNG Kit system. No modifications are required in the air intake system when using a Sequential CNG Kit system than compared to a Conventional CNG Kit system. The size of the CNG reducer fitted is smaller than conventional CNG kit and supplies CNG directly to the CNG Injector rail which takes lesser engine space. The CNG Gas ECM is connected with the Engine ECM though specially Designed Waterproof Wiring which send the signals to the CNG Gas Injectors for gas injection. The ECM receives signals from the MAP sensor fitted in the Car for proper quantity of the Gas to be released to the Injectors. The quantity of the CNG Gas is also monitored by the Vacuum Pipes installed. If there is any leakage in the Vacuum system the Gas Supply to the Engine is cut

and it is automatically shifted to Petrol Mode with a buzzer sound installed in the Fuel Change over switch. Reimbursement of Sequential System: The system has a customized software design, which allows selection of Fuel change, Time, Temperature and Changeover RPM also. It comes with a very compact sized fuel selection switch with built in buzzer alarm which can be fitted easily anywhere. If the CNG GAS goes off while driving, the car automatically comes on Petrol with a buzzer sound. The user cannot judge the difference between the performance in Petrol / CNG and is useful for cars with Complex Engine Technologies or latest Engine Technologies. The fully automatic and self-calibrated GAS ECM does not require tune ups on a regular basis which save maintenance costs. Even in case of problems the repairing is done through electronically using the software which automatically detects and fixes any faults in the system and takes much lesser time than manual calibration. Electronic maintenance reduces chances of human error and save a lot of time. Even when you take the car for regular service or maintenance, there is no need for the setting does not changes. Prepared by Engr. Mohammad Imam Hossain Rubel Navana CNG Ltd.

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