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Published on January 30, 2016

Author: Addresschic


Slide2: What is Veganism and Vegan Veganism’ is something which intends a living excluding animal foods or even products. A person who doesn’t eat or utilize animal products is termed as a ‘Vegan’. Slide4: Stay healthy for life-long by going vegan and by keeping kindness towards animals. It’s time to take a stand against animal cruelty & save their lives. Be a vegan & let them survive. Slide5: Save your planet by following the veganism. Consuming plant-based will keep environment sustainable. It’s good to follow sustainable fashion which is also known as eco-fashion by keeping yourself environmental conscious. Extension of Use of Fur is Terrible : Extension of Use of Fur is Terrible Say no to clothing which has fur on it as they are constituted from the animal skin. The animals have to suffer unimaginable pains, torture & even have to suffer from death. The animal cruelty is not new when it comes to luxury fashion. But the extension of use of fur in clothing and accessories is really terrible. So, there has to be a way to stop the suffering. Vegan Clothing: Vegan Clothing Having a style statement with Vegan clothing is even better instead of wearing clothing produced from animals’ products. Vegan Beauty Products : Vegan Beauty Products Having vegan beauty product keeps your sensitive skin healthier & safer. Vegan Shoes: Vegan Shoes Vegan shoes are the perfect one as they are not produced from animal’s skin & are cruelty free product. Vegan Luxury : Vegan Luxury Step into the world of fashion by following vegan luxury & make a perfect style statement of yours. Choose the animal friendly luxury products & get your personality more impressive than what you think. Vegan Lifestyle : Vegan Lifestyle Switch to the vegan lifestyle by letting the animals to live their life with freedom. Vegan lifestyle intends toward cruelty free lifestyle in fashion & food. Vegan Food : Vegan Food Consuming vegan food keeps you & your environment healthy. Vegan food includes vegetables, nuts, fruits, wheat, whole grain products, legumes & seeds. Vegan Style : Vegan Style Be stylish in your fashion & food by going vegan that gives you a much healthier lifestyle. Benefits of Being Vegan : Benefits of Being Vegan Being vegan has health & environmental benefits as vegan diets don’t contain animal fat or large amount of cholesterol which prevents from heart diseases & cancer. In order to save the earth’s natural resources, it’s important to be a vegan & love animals. Stella McCartney : Stella McCartney Vegetarian Stella McCartney love to be vegan and has been a vegetarian since she was a child. The fashion designer doesn't use fur, leather or feathers in any her clothes Slide20: Pamela Anderson Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson is deeply committed towards veganism has been a vegetarian since she was a teen. Conclusion (Go Vegan): Conclusion (Go Vegan) Vegetarianism ensures a healthy lifestyle which lasts for long & increase lifespan, lower obesity, and gives your body activeness. By refusing the non-veganism, you are reducing the health problems & making environment sustainable. Contact Us: Contact Us Contact No:- +1 646 480 0253 Slide23: Social Channels /AddressChic /Addresschic /Addresschic /+Addresschic/posts /address.chic

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