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Published on October 2, 2008

Author: vedanti



What is the path for happy and peaceful life is explained

Human life today is a bundle of pain and sorrow

the pain increases

again it multiplies

finally it hurts

Man consoles himself with a self-made wisdom that sorrow and happiness are two sides of the life and it is impossible to get rid of sorrow

Due to such twisted wisdom Struggle for earning Satisfying taste buds

Saving for future Sensual enjoyment

are dominating human life today Crying of pain Shouting of confusion

and life has culminated into depression unfulfilled desires

unsatisfied sensual pleasure unanswerable love

shattered hopes unending scarcity

and a tired circle of faithlessness

We are misusing our life

We have become aimless

Now let us re-arrange ourselves and proceed towards ultimate goal

Introspection shows that our every effort in life is directed towards search for peace and happiness

That peace? which will provide us permanent satisfaction and will end all our sorrows forever

Does such path exist? which can end our sorrows and lead us to peace

Yes, there is a path which can lead us to peaceful and happy life

and Which can bless us with completeness

Our ancient sages have found this path through self introspection

we are leading life of sorrow because of ignorance and knowledge is the only path for liberation

knowledge of vedanta is that knowledge

Vedas, the scriptures of Hindus contains the knowledge of vedanta

the knowledge which will end the worldly sorrow and will lead us to happiness and wholeness

Come let us acquire this knowledge of bliss and wholeness (The Hindi Website of Chinmaya Mission on Vedanta) [email_address]

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