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Information about vedanta

Published on December 8, 2008

Author: vedantijeevan


Slide 1: Human life today is a bundle of pain and sorrow Slide 2: the pain increases Slide 3: again it multiplies Slide 4: finally it hurts Slide 5: Man consoles himself with a self-made wisdom that sorrow and happiness are two sides of the life and it is impossible to get rid of sorrow Slide 6: Due to such twisted wisdom Struggle for earning Satisfying taste buds Slide 7: Saving for future Sensual enjoyment Slide 8: are dominating human life today Crying of pain Shouting of confusion Slide 9: and life has culminated into depression unfulfilled desires Slide 10: unsatisfied sensual pleasure unanswerable love Slide 11: shattered hopes unending scarcity Slide 12: and a tired circle of faithlessness Slide 13: We are misusing our life Slide 14: We have become aimless Slide 15: Now let us re-arrange ourselves and proceed towards ultimate goal Slide 16: Introspection shows that our every effort in life is directed towards search for peace and happiness Slide 17: That peace? which will provide us permanent satisfaction and will end all our sorrows forever Slide 18: Does such path exist? which can end our sorrows and lead us to peace Slide 19: Yes, there is a path which can lead us to peaceful and happy life Slide 20: and Which can bless us with completeness Slide 21: Our ancient sages have found this path through self introspection Slide 22: we are leading life of sorrow because of ignorance and knowledge is the only path for liberation Slide 23: knowledge of vedanta is that knowledge Slide 24: Vedas, the scriptures of Hindus contains the knowledge of vedanta Slide 25: the knowledge which will end the worldly sorrow and will lead us to happiness and wholeness Slide 26: Come let us acquire this knowledge of bliss and wholeness (The Hindi Website of Chinmaya Mission on Vedanta)

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