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Information about Vastu – the science of structures

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: joygonawala


Increase Your Health, Wealth and Prosperity We are surrounded by energy fields. In an open ground, the energies operate freely but when a structure is built, the energy fields are affected and have to be restored. When this is achieved in a proper manner, a harmonious flow of energy permeates the building. This has a positive effect on the people occupying it and a bearing on health and prosperity. Vastu – the science of structures Vastu (pronounced with a long a) is a sanskrit word meaning “the science of structures”. It is a traditional science of architecture that guides the design and construction of buildings in harmony with the laws of nature and the universe. The great science of Vastu originated in India. Vastu is part of the Staphatya Veda that comes from the Atharva Veda which is one of the four Vedas. The Vedas are the oldest writings on India’s ancient history, science, philosophy, and culture. Five thousand years ago, the great Saint Srila Vyasadeva compiled the four Vedas which contain millions of verses. As Einstein proved, everything in existence, sentient and nonsentient, is ultimately a field of energy. Vastu (pronounced with a short a) is the pure, subtle energy that underlies everything, while Vastu is the manifestation of that energy as matter. All structures, whether it is a building, a statue, a fence or a piece of furniture, a form of art or a piece of music, have their own subtle energy. Vastu is the science which shows us how to work with these energy fields, and guides us how to arrange structures so that their underlying fields of energy are beneficially manipulated according to direction and proportion. Vastu relates also to factors like the surrounding landscape and interior decoration. The science of vastu describes desirable sizes and locations for doors and windows, furniture arrangements, and colour schemes. According to Vastu a structure is full of life force. It teaches us how to make structures that have rhythm and beauty, which vibrate perfectly with nature and the universe. At the same time, the science of Vastu is based on Vedic mathematics, one of the most advanced forms of knowledge in our universe. According to Vedic texts, the world 5,000 years ago did not have anywhere near the amount of diseases and problems that we face today. Without machiness and endless polution, they built beautiful houses and cities that were auspicious places to live in, all according to the science of Vastu, the ancient Vedic art of living in perfect harmony with nature.

North East Yantra Usage by: marriage problems, search for a partner, studies, attiring knowledge, studies of the Vedas, depressions, anxiety state, weak Jupiter in horoscope. Strengthens energetically: liver, bile, throat area, solar plexus, top chakra, eyes, thyroid gland. Enhances: friendliness, balance, joy, spirituality. East Yantra Usage by: Vastu defects in the east, for example missing windows, lacking vitality, egoism and controlling urge. Enhances: Generosity, uncomplicated life-style, comprehensive ability, sincerity, tolerance, relaxation, enthusiasm at work, mental strength. Strengthens energetically: The first chakra, the spine (especially if meditation about the yantra or reciting the mantra), solar plexus, nerves, digestive organs. South East Yantra Usage by: too strong male energies, inner agitation, money troubles, problems with property and financial assets, pubertal problems by girls, for relief in pregnancy, intense desires for wealth (helps fulfill the desires), problems with the father (for the daughters), by vata and pitta disorders, disturbed relationship with the mother (from the side of the mother). Enhances: sensitive partnership, female energies also by men, balance, settling down. Strengthens energetically: immune system, nervous system, heart chakra, water supply, hypotheses, thymus, hormonal supply, waist.

South Yantra Enhances: productivity, comprehension, strengthens mental power, capacity, sincerity, determination, preciseness, ability to control, astuteness. For women with a bad Mars constellation (Mars in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 9th house) this yantra supports the harmony in marriage life. It is helpful by responsible positions and boredom. South West Yantra Usage by: quarrelsomeness, addiction problems, chronic dissatisfaction, complexes, minority complex, not by problems with weight; by unreasonable worries, dullness, infertility (caused by Rahu); chronic listlessness, problems with self preservation, unfaithfulness, tyranny by the boss, frustration. West Yantra Usage by: financial losses, too big expenses, small salary or loan, legal troubles, problems with authorities and employers; stinginess, hotheadedness, pains, agitation. Enhances: peace, religiosity, generosity, border crossing, prospective foresight, prophecy, subtle detoxication, intuition, sixth chakra

Northwest Yantra Usage: by financial fluctuations, helps to become selfless, enhances attention, helps with self-pity, awakens the inner voice, enhances the ability to hear the inner voice, supports devotion, has a balancing effect, influences positively the relationship with the mother, helps by problems with women (also for women), counterbalances too strong male energies, helps heightening of one’s awareness and the mental horizon, helps by mental overstrain. Strengthens energetically: Breast (especially women), helps by pregnancy, relaxes the female inner reproduction organs, solar plexus, general wellbeing, cooling effect (balances energetically too much heat and fire in the body). Enhances the following qualities: sense of responsibility, helpfulness, altruism, tolerance, compassion, charity, inner beauty, reflection of perception and transmission of ideas, flexibility and adaptability, female qualities, family life, home. North Yantra Enhances: Intelligence, thinking, eloquence, communication, relationships, memory, weakened nervous system. Counteracts: Debts, financial problems, stress situations, hysteria. Strengthens energetically: Kidneys , urinary tract. North East Yantra Enhances: renunciation, spirituality, austereness, study of the Vedas Usage by: fear of snakes, problems with weight, problems with debtors, repression, and sexual harassment

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