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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Breezy


Vasco Da Gama Slide Show :  Vasco Da Gama Slide Show By: Travis G. Schroeder Admiral Dom Vasco da Gama's Arms, conferred c. 1500, by King D. Manuel I after the return from the first Voyage to India. The arms bear the augmentation of honor: the ancient royal arms of Portugal Da’ Basics About Da Gama:  Da’ Basics About Da Gama Vasco da Gama was born about 1460 in Sines, Portugal, and died on the 24th of December1524 He was the 3rd son of Estevao da Gama and Isabel Sodre` His voyages to India opened a sea route, from western Europe to the East, by way of the Cape of Good Hope Some Of This Sailors Adventures:  Some Of This Sailors Adventures His first adventure was to seize French ships in retaliation for French peacetime plundering against Portuguese shipping His first “voyage” was to go to India to open a sea route to Asia, and outflank the Muslims. With 4 ships, da Gama sailed out with: the Sao Continued… Some of Da Gama’s Adventures’ :  Continued… Some of Da Gama’s Adventures’ Gabriel, the Sao Rafael, a caravel named Berrio, and a storage ship of unknown name (bad omen to have a nameless ship) they were accompanied by another ship, commanded by: Bartolomeu Dias on July 8th , 1497 On Nov. 25th he ordered the store ship to be broken up When they docked at Mozambique the people they were Muslims so they let them live More Voyages:  More Voyages His 3rd “voyage”. Vasco had married a lady of a good family, Caterina de Ataide – after his 1st voyage –, he retired to Evora, and his wife bore him (gave birth to) 6 sons (holy bologna) In 1524 he was named Viceroy of India, he had to quickly fix the administrative abuses done by others Afterwards he soon fell ill and died More Pictures:  More Pictures Picture Comments:  Picture Comments #1Greeting India’s nation #2 a proud Vasco #3 And the winner is (drum roll please) This Guy?? Impersonating (you know) Vasco Da Gama!!(NOT!) #4 An even prouder : Vasco Da Gama #5 And here I am on my vac- ation to outflank A bunch of inn- ocent people #6 And the real winner is: (you- know the drill) This Awesome Drawing of Vasco Da Gama!! Work Cited:  Work Cited Internet: Books: Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume G

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