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Information about Vanguard Integrity Professionals - Innovative Multifactor Authenticati

Published on December 7, 2019

Author: go2vanguard


slide 1: Vanguard Integrity Professionals: Innovative Multifactor Authentication Vanguard Integrity Professionals offers a comprehensive array of mainframe security solutions customized to meet your enterprise’s cybersecurity needs. From Administration and Authentication to Audit Compliance Vanguard looks to equip your organization with the cutting-edge software and support to protect your critical infrastructure secure infrastructure access and ensure your systems achieve compliance. Innovative Multifactor Authentication Solutions Vanguard Integrity Professionals offers the comprehensive Vanguard Authentication solution a scalable modular authentication platform that allows you to secure and control access across your entire enterprise IT infrastructure. With Vanguard Authentication you can implement the largest range of Multifactor Authentication solutions that simplify and secure enterprise access control through the most efficient implementation possible. slide 2: This industry-leading Enterprise Authentication solution includes the innovative:  Vanguard Authenticator  Vanguard ez/Integrator  Vanguard ez/PIV Card  Vanguard ez/Sign On  Vanguard ez/Token  Vanguard Tokenless Authentication  And more Visit Vanguard today to learn more.

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