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Published on November 8, 2007

Author: prpoint



Vandemataram ezine November 2007 issue published by Prime Point Foundtion and India Vision group

Dreaming a developed India VOL 1 Issue 5 – Nov 2007 Published by India Vision 2020 Group From the Editor’s desk: - “A hope called India !! “ Contrary to its colonial recent participation in GLONASS with contemporaries who won Russia are all growing story of our independence, we continue to fare space missions. Not to be left behind better. One would argue it is not on the Defence front, LCA fired its first enough. The good news is we are on missile integrated through indigenous right path on many fronts. Eventually weaponisation. many fronts like politics, governance NFHS-3 reports point to reduction in will take that path to excellence. rural poverty. I know it is not a very Recently through one our friends, I significant amount, but appreciative. heard of Mr.Narasimalu. An People like Vikram Akula rose to the extraordinary story who is quot;Specialquot; (in occasion and contribute their bit to the one sense he is physically challenged). rural society. Pioneering result was He cannot use both his hands. But Microfinance in India. The results do what makes him really special is his reflect in the downgraded poverty gifted artistic legs and “Never say die estimates. attitude”. He makes money out of the A hope of two brave Major's & paintings he paints with his legs. Soldiers of Indian Army stopped the The point we bring his reference is , extremists cause more damage. They India as a nation has lot of parallels & lakhs of brave souls guard our with Narashimalu. Pragmatically lot of nation. Giving us also the hope we are evils does plague the country making in safe hands. development cripple. But there lies Every one of us can provide hope hope [call it quot;Indiaquot; ?] who rattles the through our thoughts, our belief, our shambles, comes out successful every deeds, our action, our vision. India time a disability is imposed upon her. Vision group takes pride in introducing Recent developments are a testimony. great Indians like Dr.Partha and Indian Economy has clocked an Narashimalu who are a source of average of more than 8% - Something inspiration to all of us. unknown in the history of Independent We believe in a vast country like India. The mid-year review of RBI has our's more than economic & material projected conservatively 8.5%. Even success, emphasis should lie in a this time experts are confident, India collective belief, collective dream, will surpass Central Bank expectations. collective hope – quot;A hope called Though capital inflows are worrying, Developed India 2020quot;. our economy has had the resilience to fight back. Vande Mataram!! Not just in financial front, we have Editorial Team been vibrant on space technology front also. Chandrayaan-I on schedule,

2 ` VandeMataram – Inside this ezine • • Editorial – Hope called India of my dreams by India Ravin vyas • An exclusive interview with Dr.Partha ! Interview with Dr.Partha – A Young Innovator Dr.Partha Ranganathan is one of the very few young Indians to have reached to the stage he is today. Currently a principal research scientist at Hewlett Packard Labs. His research interests are in low-power system design. Partha is a B.Tech IIT Madras and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Rice University, Houston. Is a recipient of the Lodieska Stockbridge Vaughan fellowship and an IIT Madras Alumni Service Award. In 2007, he was named by MIT Technology Review as one of the world’s top 35 young innovators. Partha is also very interested in social entrepreneurship, particularly for emerging economies, and has founded and helped run several NGOs including the very successful IIT alumni association. He has received two awards for his service in this area. We proudly present his thought provoking interview ! How IIT years shaped your view lot from being role models for a lot of on Life & career? personal traits that I think are very Of course, my IIT education provided important in succeeding professionally. a solid foundation technically for my later career But more than that, I You worked overseas early in your really grew as an individual during my career. What did you learn from four years at IIT. Interacting with your stint abroad? some of the top students in the At some levels, I think working country and learning from Professors overseas is no different from working were some of the best experiences in in India, especially given trends my life. I continue to interact with and towards globalization. I have however, learn from some top professors there – been impressed by the work-ethic and Dr. Srinivasan and Dr. Jhunjhunwala, openness to change that I have seen for example. here in the U.S. – both in people and in organizations. On your role models who inspired you in Life & Work. Did you ever at any point feel like My father, Prof. Ranganathan, my giving up? mother, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, and my Like every other person, I have had brother, Krishnan have been personal my ups and downs!!! role models and I have learned valuable traits from them that I use People say that the intellectual every single day in my professional elite of India is now in Silicon career. On the professional research Valley. What is your view? side - three amazing individuals – Dr. There is now a lot of Indians in Sarita Adve – my Ph.D. advisor, and Silicon Valley play a key role in the Dr.Norman Jouppi , Dr. Chandrakant successes, but to say that the Patel – my mentors and colleagues at intellectual elite of India is in Silicon HP Labs. Beyond their intellectual Valley is an overstatement. I think contributions, they have taught me a India, is particularly fortunate to be in

3 a position of nurturing and hosting dichotomous need to focus both on the some of the world’s top talent, we can high-end (technology) and the low-end do a better job in providing more (poverty) at the same time will be opportunities and increasing their important!! visibility. What advice would you give to the In what way you are involved in youth of this country? social activities back in India? I am not sure I am old enough to be I continue to be involved in a lot of going around giving advice to others! activities in India. I am really However, if I had to pick something passionate about how NRIs in the U.S. that has really helped me in the past, can give back to various initiatives in it I would highlight two things. First, I India and other emerging economies, think it is important for everyone to and as part of this, I have founded and strive to create value – whether at helped run several non-profit work or at home, in building new organizations. Back, when I was doing things or in interacting with people. I my Ph.D., I was very active with remember the movie, “It is a Friends of Young Minds [FOYM] wonderful life,” where the presence or absence of one individual dramatically Can you please elaborate a bit changes the nature of the world, even more on that front ? through small actions. Our goal should FOYM is a non-profit organization be to make that change a positive one. that helped ship old computers to Second, I think it is important for under-privileged children in India. I everyone to constantly strive to am also very active in the IIT alumni improve. A key component of this is association ( and have self-introspection and being open to been very involved in setting up and listening to, and incorporating, others’ running this organization and funding feedback, and these are good skills to various projects at the IITs. I really cultivate early. believe that if every alumni were to “give-back” in some form to their alma In what ways do you think, an mater, the impact can be tremendous. individual can contribute to On my yearly visits, I try my best to realizing India Vision 2020?quot; guest-teach or give lectures on my I have been very inspired by Dr. work and technologies in the U.S. and Kalam and his 2020 vision of meet other young people - mentoring. emphasizing freedom, development, I am a big admirer of Dr. Kalam’s strength for India as well as his India 2020 vision and hope to continue insights around the five key strategic doing my small part to helping with growth areas around agriculture, that. infrastructure, education, ICT, and critical technologies. I think the Challenges facing India & youth's biggest way we can contribute at an contribution to remove them? individual level is to *believe* that we I think the biggest challenge facing can achieve this vision. We need to India is attitudes and perceptions. As a want to *be* the best and we need to nation, we have enormous talent and want to *be recognized* as the best enormous opportunities, but I think to and we need to proactively work really achieve our potential, we need towards getting there without to move the conversation from compromising our basic values and survival to achievement for a large cultural strengths. section of the population. Addressing these will take a lot of leadership and (Reach Partha at : hard work and youth in particular, need to step in. Understanding the

4 India of my Dreams – Ravin Vyas a lot about the success of It 's a beautiful winter morning of these cars in India and was dejected 2020 A.D. I am checking my with the fact that he could not e-mails as usual and am surprised to use one of them in the U.S. as they do receive a mail from Jay Smith, not have enough sunlight there. one of my old time friends. Actually, Effective utilization of solar energy has his name is (was) Jaydeep been the biggest achievement Panchal. He was with me as a student of Indian scientists in recent times. It in Chicago in the year 1991-92. is one of the gifts of the Once a die-hard quot;Indianquot; who changed technological revolution, which has put his name from 'Jaydeep' to 'Jay' India far ahead of all the and last name from 'Panchal' to other developed nations of the world. 'Smith' as Panchals are traditionally Blacksmiths in India. (no comments We started for Ambaji. The 120 km there!) long expressway was going to take Anyways, this time he got in touch about only an hour or so therefore we with me after a while, after almost had enough time. Consequently, 10 years. In his mail, he requested me we stopped at Idar, a small town on to arrange a one-day trip to the way, as Jaydeep wanted to have Ambaji as he had to complete a a glimpse of the rural India. So, we 'badha' there. I arranged the same, took an exit ahead of the town and waited eagerly for the other fine and went directly to a small but winter morning when he arrived at shipshape domicile located near to the Amdavad airport. the freeway. It was a house of a The airport was full of the traditional farmer - Joitabhai - whose small migratory birds - the agro-product processing plant was so-called NRIs - that generally arrive located in the same premise. We in India during this season. asked him whether we could come in Well, there was one another lot of and have a word with him. More than people gathered at the airport - willingly, he called us in and told us to the RNIs - (i.e. Resident Non-Indians). wait for a few minutes. He This funny lot of people had to supervise the export thinks that, culturally, they have consignment of the processed accidentally ended up in vegetables, Navrangpura instead of in New York. which was to be shipped to Brazil. And there are indeed a lot of them across India now days. They were all Jaydeep was inquisitive, as he knew there at the airport to greet that there are many farmers in their compatriots. India who process their produce, I recognized Jaydeep from his Dev themselves, and ship the end product Anand style stroll. He was to all across the globe. However, astonished to see the Amdavad witnessing an actual operative plant airport, which is considered as one of was of his long time yearning. That the most quot;attractivequot; structures in was because during last 10-15 odd world, thanks to a few graduates years, India had registered more than from the decades old School of 10,000 international patents in Architecture stationed locally. The the field of agro-processing cleanliness of the vicinity also technology, which was his vocational impressed him. But, he was more subject. anxious to see my Solar power operated car in which we were going As per the centuries old tradition of to quot;atithi devo bhav:quot;, Joitabhai travel to Ambaji. He said he has heard offered us refreshments and certainly,

5 the Gujarati quot;chaquot; with lots of Sugar! Jaydeep also was a little surprised by We left Idar and reached Ambaji. The the swiftness with which temple trust there has made Joitabhai was processing the export arrangement of Valet Parking. As we documentation on the net while entered the temple I heard the spending time with us. He came to 'pujari's mobile ring tone. Everyone know from Joitabhai that almost all said - quot;that's the message from the farmers in North Gujarat have the GODquot;. Baffled, I rushed to the some sort of processing plant in 'pujari'. Suddenly, that 'pujari' which they process their own produce turned and said, - quot;Wake up, before and make an end product, which is it's too late!quot; - He was Dr. exported. So they all had to be Kalam. capable of processing the shipping Source documents on the net. Spreading Hope & Smile – Narashimalu! Join the India Vision group – Blog site : Editorial Team Publisher and Patron: Editorial Members: K. Srinivasan (Prime Point Foundation) BalaMurugan , Udhay Kumar Karthik , Subha Ganesh, Gayatri Editor: Sivanarayanan Nayak Associate Editor: Jayatheerthan Feedback and contributions to:

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