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Information about Vampirism

Published on April 13, 2009

Author: spiritweaver


Vampirism : Vampirism The Stereotype : The Stereotype Based on the title, I have a feeling you all think that this is about the characters from books or movies. That sleep in coffins and are undead. WELL YOU’RE WRONG : WELL YOU’RE WRONG The Subculture : The Subculture If you wanna get technical, the books and movies do shape a lot of the subculture’s ways and fashions. But so do RPG’s (Role Playing Games) like Vampire the Masquerade and even the Goth subculture. House : House Most Vampires form groups called houses. A vampire house is a group of vampires who follow and are united by a specific set of beliefs, philosophies, and traditions. I will later in the power point give the names of some of these houses. Elders : Elders A respected figure in the community. The Sanguinarium : The Sanguinarium Founded by Father Sebastiaan/Father Todd, the sanguinarium is a network of people who identify strongly with the vampire. All of its members follow the Black Veil. The sanguinarium includes fans,lifestylers,blood fetishists, and psychic vampires. “Vampyre” : “Vampyre” As we hopefully all know, the word vampire is spelled with an “i”. But many in the community spell it as “vampyre”. It’s used to separate actual vampires from the ones in folklore and myth. This use of the word is completely optional! The Black Veil : The Black Veil In our community, the black veil is a code of ethics. Once again, even though many of people in the community follow it, it is optional. If you would like to see this document, there are many websites that contain it. (Google Search The Black Veil) Types of Vampires : Types of Vampires There are many types of vampires but I will only be discussing two, Psychic Vampires and Sanguines Psychic Vampires : Psychic Vampires an individual who for some reason must take the vital human energies (aura) to maintain a good physical, mental, and spiritual health. For some people, lack of feeding causes physical distress like headaches. Sanguines : Sanguines Individuals who express their vampirism through blood drinking. Michelle Belanger : Michelle Belanger Author and entertainer, Michelle Belanger is also known for being a psychic vampire. She has written many books on psychic vampirism and has done interviews and tv specials. She is also founder of House Kheperu Father Sebastiaan/ Father Todd : Father Sebastiaan/ Father Todd Like Michelle, Sebastiaan is also an author. He is greatly known for promoting vampire clubs/vampire nights at clubs. He is the founder of the Sanguinarium. Don Henrie : Don Henrie In 2004, Sci-Fi conducted a social experiment a.k.a their reality show Mad,Mad House. One of the “alts” (alternate lifestylers) was Don Henrie who represented the vampire subculture. He’s controversial because he didn’t hide anything and brought light onto the community. The Ankh : The Ankh Many houses change the way the ankh looks. The ankh is the Ancient Egyptian symbol for life. If you seek more info : If you seek more info Many people who need help or want to learn more could read the Psychic Vampire Codex by author Michelle Belanger. It is very helpful information and insight. List of Houses : List of Houses House Kheperu House of Aset: The Kemetic Order of Aset Ka House Sajhaza House Eclipse House Set House Lilitu Etc. Sources of Info: : Sources of Info: Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger Google Search: Vampire Subculture END : END

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