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Published on March 25, 2009

Author: andreasbrinck


Value merchants Chapter 1 - points of discussion Inspired by Value Merchants by J. C. Anderson, N. Kumar, J. A. Narus praesentatio Andreas Brinck

Business as usual (p.2) 1. Sales personnel unaware 4. of real differential value “Commoditized” offer elements AND ther“exact” value to customer 3. 2. Unreasonable give-aways No data supporting and on price when confronted measuring differential with competitor’s offer elements (ein Teufelskreis) praesentatio Andreas Brinck

But hear the warnings! No business as usual!* * ”doing more of the same with less” (p.3) actually means “doing more of the superior with less” and is entering/keeping you in the game: selling under value a product with differential value elements. What are the implications for customer/supplier/marketplace? praesentatio Andreas Brinck

Solution: Customer Value Management “Customer value management relies on Take customer value Get an equitable return on the value delivered assessment to gain an & understanding of customer requirements and preferences and what fulfilling those are Give worth in monetary Deliver superior value to targeted market segments and customer terms.” (p.4) firms praesentatio Andreas Brinck

Money. And how to track it… GREEN GRAY Direct impact on Lower cost of bottom line ownership “Picking the lowest More time intensive to one, and then account/harder to negotiating…” (p. 5) document praesentatio Andreas Brinck

Turning gray into green • Get grasp customers understanding of value: customer value assessment – value case histories TAKE AWAY POINT: Early on, collect case data on reference customers and record the cost savings and added value they have received from the supplier offer in order to document to potential customers • Demonstrate superior value – value calculators TAKE AWAY POINT: Develop spreadsheets that support your sales force as part of a consultative selling approach • Document superior value – value documenters TAKE AWAY POINT: Get more credit from your customers by delivering performance reports to your customer. This will sharpen their understanding of your product and its superiority. praesentatio Andreas Brinck

Questions? Answers? Suggestions? THANK YOU! praesentatio Andreas Brinck

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