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Information about Valamis and Experience API

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: RedTreeECM



Janne gave us insights on the Tin Can API or Experience API (xAPI) which brings eLearning to a new level.

Valamis  –  eLearning  for  Liferay   TIN  CAN  API  IN  ENTERPRISE  LEARNING   70

Presenta3on  contents   •  •  •  •  •  •  Experience API Introduction Capturing informal learning Supporting mobile learning with xAPI Education analytics Experience API with Valamis Conclusions

Four  important  reasons  why  you  should  care  about  Tin  Can  API   EXPERIENCE  API  INTRODUCTION  

Experience  API  (xAPI)   •  Experience  API,  formerly  known  as  Tin  Can  API   •  New  eLearning  standard  to  answer  limita3ons   of  SCORM   •  Oversought  by  Advanced  Distributed  Learning   (ADL)   •  1.0  release  of  standard  in  March  2013  

Four  layers  of  Tin  Can  onion   •  Layer  1  –  Course  module  container,  but   without  limita3ons  of  SCORM   •  Layer  2  –  Record  formal  and  informal  learning   experiences   •  Layer  3  –  Free  the  data  and  learning  from  the   boundaries  of  LMS   •  Layer  4  –  Correlate  job  performance  with   learning  data  to  assess  effec3veness  of   training  

Removing  barriers  and  allowing  peer-­‐level  knowledge  sharing   CAPTURING  INFORMAL  LEARNING  

Knowledge  sharing  on  peer-­‐level   •  Our  goal  is  to  support  structuring  the  hidden   knowledge  between  employees  on  a  peer-­‐to-­‐peer   level.       –  Trust  is  based  on  reputa3on  and  experience  on  amount  of   shared  content.     –  Shared  contents  are  small  enough  that  they  can  be  easily   described  on  meaningful  level,  that  it's  useable  with  xAPI   –  This  combined  with  gamifica3on,  like  achievements  and   challenges  could  be  used  and  directed  within  a  enterprise   to  encourage  knowledge  sharing  in  a  structured  way.    

How  to  support  learning    in  remote  loca3ons   MOBILE  LEARNING  

Support  offline  learning  in  mobile   •  Learning  should  happen  on-­‐site  and   some3mes  in  remote  loca3ons   –  Mobile  /  tablet  is  a  must   –  How  to  implement  offline  learning     •  Everything  is  HTML5   •  Responsive  learning  already  exists  

Missing  link  for  offline  -­‐  xAPI   •  Tin  Can  API  (xAPI)  allows  users  to  track   learning  experiences  (statements)  locally  and   sync  when  connected   –  Not  possible  with  SCORM  /  AICC   •  Implementa3ons  na3ve  and  HTML5   extensions  apps  

Connec3ng  work  preformance  to  learning   ANALYTICS  

Analy3cs  in  learning   •  Going  Big  Data  with  Tin  Can  API  creates   tremendous  opportunity  with  learning   •  Measure  training  impact  to  work  performance   •  One  of  the  fastest  developing  area  in  online   learning  

Prac3cal  implica3ons   •  Connect  external  applica3ons  with  Tin  Can   –  Connect  external  simulators  /  learning  pla_orms   •  ZebraZapps  ,  Twilio,  Khan  Academy,  Coursera,  Google   Course  Builder   –  Connector  frameworks  exists  for  cloud  /  SaaS   •  Yammer,  Linkedin,  Salesforce,  SuccessFactors,   Workday,  Hubspot,  Twicer  etc…   •  Track  and  measure  using  LRS  

Liferay,  Valamis,  xAPI  and  Open  Badges   BEST  DAMN  ELEARNING  PLATFORM   ON  THE  PLANET  

What  is  portal  pla_orm?   •  •  •  •  •  Web  pla_orm   WCM  system   Integra3on  pla_orm   Collabora3on  pla_orm   Social  system  

Liferay  is…   •  Standardized  JavaEE  portal  pla_orm  (JSR-­‐168   +  JSR  286)   –  Supports  mul3ple  design  and  implementa3on   paradigms   •  Responsive  friendly  and  supports  mul3ple   delivery  channels   •  Personalized   •  Commercial  open  source  

Developing  social  ac3vi3es  and  achievements   WHERE  WE  ARE  NOW?  

VALAMIS eLearning for Liferay •  Fully integrated to Liferay portal platform as a add-on –  Liferay 6. –  Distributed through Liferay Marketplace –  Out-of-the-box experience and ready learning environment •  eLearning standards –  SCORM 1.2, 2004 3rd ja 4th edition support –  Full xAPI 1.0 support –  OpenBadges badge design, issuing and earning

Learning  experience  tracking  with  xAPI   •  Support  to  play  xAPI  learning  modules  (ie.   With  Ar3culate)   •  First  enterprise  grade  Learning  Record  Store   •  Integrated  xAPI  to  Liferay  social  ac3vites   •  Achievements  based  on  xAPI  statements  +   Social  Ac3vi3es  

Are  we  going  to  right  direc3on?   LIVE  DEMO  AND  DISCUSSION  

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