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Published on September 24, 2008

Author: FMSU

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  © DiamondFM June 2008 The Pathway to Diamond Is simpler than you may think! 18-minute presentation Slide2:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Do you ever just DREAM? FINANCIAL FREEDOM = CHOICES Slide3:  © DiamondFM June 2008 A Diamond in FM is currently coming up to £200,000 a year ROYALTY INCOME and they have been able to receive all the cars and they have FINANCIAL FREEDOM Slide4:  © DiamondFM June 2008 The plan says that to be a Diamond Orchid you need five Pearl Orchids Slide5:  © DiamondFM June 2008 And to be a Pearl Orchid you need one 21% group AND 20,000 points side volume Slide6:  © DiamondFM June 2008 21% is a total of 30,000 points group volume Slide7:  © DiamondFM June 2008 30,000 points is just 100 people doing 300 points each So it starts with YOU doing 300 points EVERY MONTH because, if YOU don’t do it … How can you expect anyone else to? Slide8:  © DiamondFM June 2008 NEW RECOGNITIONS Reflect this … Anita Sieniuc Lapel Pins: for 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 & 21% 300 point Consistency Pins: for 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 & 24 months. JANUARY PRESENTATIONS Make doing your own personal 3% every month a matter of personal pride Understand that DREAMS are achieved from this small step Slide9:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Party Planners could do this at one party! Kit Droppers could do this from one office Presenters could do this in one day … But what about others who just want to ‘Network’ or who are ‘allergic’ to selling? Slide10:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Well … FINANCIAL FREEDOM comes from just 2-sales a week! Slide11:  © DiamondFM June 2008 One bottle of Classic is 29 points 11 bottles is 300 points Slide12:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Order for yourself: and your family every month: In July I ordered 2-shower gels, 2-Pheromones, 2-Aftershaves & 2-roll-ons.  It cost me £47.00 inc postage.  The equivalent in the shops would have been £160.00 ... I saved over £100.00 and it produced 171 points.  In August I topped up with 2-shower gels & 2-pheromones which added up to 94 points.  On Wednesday 24th of this month I ordered 2- roll-ons, 1- aftershave, 1-pheromone & a shaving foam = 103 points   What does this prove?  One person can easily use an average of 100 points a month This leaves 8-bottles to sell in a whole month Slide13:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Make a written list: Closest Friends who WILL do you a favour – Ideally you want at least 10 of them! Slide14:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Ask for their help Go see them or call them. Tell them you’re working with a new perfume company and aiming at achieving recognition in a competition.  Ask them what their favourite fragrance is and ask if they would sample yours from a similar family group.   Let them try and ask them to buy at least one from the range.  Fill out a customer record card  so that they can become a regular customer.  (& while your at it you can tell them about the business!) Slide15:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Take the kit EVERYWHERE you go: round local neighbours, businesses, play-groups etc: Tell them your working with a new perfume company and ask if they would like to make £1.00 per bottle for themselves or their favourite charity by passing the kit round for a few days.   Ask them what their favourite fragrance is and ask if they would sample yours from a similar family group.  Deliver the orders personally & fill out a customer record card.  (& while your at it you can tell them about the business!) So, how does this become consistent?  Well you can either make the effort to fill in the customer record cards so that you can do your personal volume by servicing repeat ordering customers (easy)  or you can continue doing step 3 (harder, but still easy!) Slide16:  © DiamondFM June 2008 To get 1 customer who copies you by using 100 points, you’ll need to show at least 4 others Slide17:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Therefore, to get 2 customers who copy you by using 100 points pm, you’ll need to show at least 8 others Slide18:  © DiamondFM June 2008 But remember - All you REALLY need is just 2-sales a week Slide19:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Can YOU sell 2-bottles a week? Would you – if I paid you £2,000.00 a bottle? Do you think others would too? The question is: “How fast can you find others?” Slide20:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Add to your written list: Those at the same or higher levels of ambition Who do you know whom you respect? Who do you know who's in business, self employed or tries? Who do you know who's a manager, foreman or supervisor? Who do you know who's active in clubs, associations or charities? Known acquaintances Who are your neighbours/old neighbours? Who do you work with/have you worked with? Who do you do business with/have you done business with, sold you your house car etc? Who do you know because of; golf, church, school, sport etc? Slide21:  © DiamondFM June 2008 To sponsor 1 who copies you, you’ll need to show at least 4 others Slide22:  © DiamondFM June 2008 WORSE CASE SCENARIO Could you do 300 points a month & Find ONE a YEAR who copies you? Let’s say EVERYONE who joins you also only finds one a year … Team Tortoise Slide23:  © DiamondFM June 2008 YEAR 1 You do 300 and introduce one other who does 300 There are 2 in the team 600 in volume At 3% Slide24:  © DiamondFM June 2008 YEAR 2 You introduce your second and your first introduces one There are 4 in the team 1200 in volume Now 6% Slide25:  YEAR 3 You introduce your third and your first introduces a second one .. The other two introduce their first ones There are 8 in the team 2400 in volume No new level! Slide26:  YEAR 4 You introduce your fourth everyone introduces one. There are 16 in the team – 4800 in volume – Now 9% Slide27:  YEAR 5 There are 32 in the team – 9600 in volume – Now 12% Slide28:  YEAR 6 There are 64 in the team – 19200 in volume – 15% Slide29:  YEAR 7 There are 128 in the team – 38400 in volume – 21% Slide30:  © DiamondFM June 2008 YEAR 8 Your first person was only one step behind you … They go 21% YOU’RE A PEARL ON TRACK FOR AN ‘A’ CLASS MERC Each person introduced is only one step behind Slide31:  © DiamondFM June 2008 YEAR 9 Your first person goes Pearl & gets a Merc YOU break a second 21% leg Slide32:  © DiamondFM June 2008 YEAR 10 Your third goes 21%, 2 – ‘A’ Class Mercs awarded in the team and YOU’RE AN AMERANTH ON TRACK FOR A ‘C’ CLASS MERC Slide33:  © DiamondFM June 2008 YEAR 11 Your fourth goes 21%, 4 – ‘A’ Class & 1- ‘C’ class Mercs awarded in the team but, you have three Pearls – YOU’RE A GOLDEN ORCHID ON TRACK FOR AN ‘E’ CLASS MERC Slide34:  YEAR 12 Your 5th leg goes 21% - a bunch of Mercs awarded! … The calm before the storm! Slide35:  YEAR 13 You have five Pearl and above – YOU’RE A DIAMOND ON TRACK FOR AN ‘S’ CLASS MERC £200,000 a year Slide36:  But it was SOOO SLOW … PROBABLY QUIT ALREADY … BAMBOO TREE? How old will you be in 2021? Slide37:  WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO THAT WOULD PROVIDE YOU WITH £200,000 A YEAR ROYALTY INCOME BY 2021 THAT YOU CAN PASS TO YOUR FAMILY? Slide38:  What could be better than this ? Slide39:  What if you and everyone in your team sponsored one EVERY MONTH? Slide40:  13 – Months !!!! Slide41:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Month 1 Slide42:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Month 2 Slide43:  Month 3 Slide44:  Month 4 Slide45:  Month 5 There are 32 in the team – 9600 in volume – Now 12% Month 6 There are 64 in the team – 19200 in volume – 15% Month 7 There are 128 in the team – 38400 in volume – 21% Slide46:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Month 8 PEARL Slide47:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Month 9 Slide48:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Month 10 AMERANTH ORCHID Slide49:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Month 11 GOLDEN ORCHID Slide50:  Month 12 Your 5th leg goes 21% - a bunch of Merc’s awarded! … The calm before the storm! Slide51:  13 – Months !!!! LEGEND! £200,000 a year Loads of Diamonds over 5-more MONTHS! Slide52:  The reality is that THIS IS NOT A LOTTERY - the FACT is that, with this formula, you CAN get to DIAMOND  & REAL financial FREEDOM from 1-YEAR  but the SPEED that you do it in is determined by how quick you begin to do your own 300 and how strong you promote to everyone in your team. Which is why it’s a 2 to 5-year plan! What if you all had introduced one a week? Slide53:  © DiamondFM June 2008 COMMIT TO: Using 100 points yourself & selling 2-bottles a week minimum on the way to having enough regular customers to easily do your own 3% per month Sponsoring a minimum of 1-a month who’ll copy you & teach this simple formula! DON’T LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR DREAM! Slide54:  © DiamondFM June 2008 Who wants to GO DIAMOND? Who WILL GO DIAMOND? Who’s willing to do whatever it takes? Always remember this affirmation …. GO – GO - GO DIAMOND !

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