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Published on August 4, 2012

Author: vijaykautilya

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: V-HEAL : A Unique Health Solution PowerPoint Presentation: V-HEAL : A Unique Health Solution First of its Kind in the World Fusion of Vedic and Modern Sciences Personalized Any Age & Many Diseases Plug ‘n’ Play Holistic www.v-heal.com PowerPoint Presentation: We offer health solution for . . . . . . . . www.v-heal.com Diabetes Migraine Stress Epilepsy Depression Hyper-Tension Insomnia Vertigo Erectile Dysfunction Asthma Food & other Allergies Irritable Bowel Syndrome Heart Problems Liver Disorders Spleen Disorders Infertility Urinary Tract Infection Piles Lower Back Pain Psoriasis Eczema Neurological Disorders Psychological Disorders & much more V-HEAL – WE CREATE A NEW ENERGY FIELD: V-HEAL – WE CREATE A NEW ENERGY FIELD Human body is a network of continuous stream of outgoing and incoming energy that supports the cells, organs and various processes within the body complex. When the DNA’s ability to receive or transmit information is altered through a incoherent electromagnetic field, it results in physiological as well as psychological abnormalities. A new energy field (vibrational matrix) is created to restore DNA's ability to send and receive information i.e. energy and replace damaged field. PowerPoint Presentation: Vibrational signals deliver frequency information directly to the body at it's most essential form to rebalance and harmonize stressed energy patterns. When the body receives this information into the energy field directly the results can be far-reaching and without side effects. PowerPoint Presentation: T E S T I M O N I A L PowerPoint Presentation: II AHAM BRAMHASMI II INTRODUCTION: PRESENT SCENARIO – BIO-CHEMISTRY Human body is understood as a mechanical unit carrying out chemical reactions. Disease is said to occur due to imbalance in chemical composition in the body. But imbalance in chemical reactions merely represent manifestation of the problem and not the real cause. “It is premature to want to discuss vital processes according to the very insufficient physico-chemical concepts of the 19th or even the 20th centuries.” – Louis de Broglie INTRODUCTION Broglie Contd.: NEW DIMENSION – BIO-PHYSICS Electromagnetic fields permeates everything. Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time) –“Electromagnetism Controls All Chemical Reactions, All Biological Response. Life Itself.” Electromagnetic energy and living organisms, including human beings, have an important interrelationship. All living organisms have their own EM field which determines every metabolic function in the body, including nerve signal transmissions, cell division, nutrient transport and physical and psychological response to external stimuli. Contd. Contd.: Human body is an ensemble of electric, magnetic, light, sound and other energies. When energies of various types are applied in right frequencies, pulsations and wave forms, it can stimulate healing process. Contd. ELECTRO MAGNETISM & BIOLOGY: ELECTRO MAGNETISM & BIOLOGY We are now in the process of revising the past century’s biochemical concept, under which all major life processes are chemical in nature, to one that proposes that such processes are electromagnetic in nature.— Dr. Robert O. Becker Hundreds upon hundreds of scientific studies over the past fifty years have revealed that "every facet of biological regulation" is profoundly impacted by the "invisible forces" of the electromagnetic spectrum - Bruce Lipton, Cell biologist. All healthy cells carry an EM ‘-ve’ charge whereas all fermented cells carry EM ‘+ve’ charge. Growth of cancer cells is initiated by fermentation process - Dr. Otto Warburg (The Metabolism of Tumors), Noble Laureate HUMAN BEING & ELECTRIC ENERGY: Human cells has electrical potential of about -60 to -90 millivolts across the membrane. ‘Every biological process is an electric process’ – Dr. Robert Pekar. Every important function in our body – such as the heart beating, muscle stretching and contraction, hormonal secretion, information processing by the central nervous system etc. – involves electrical activity Life Force is like electricity, which takes the form of object it enters and communicates silently with the entire body through innumerable nerves, which are contained in the body along with heat energy – Rig Ved 6-47-8. HUMAN BEING & ELECTRIC ENERGY HUMAN BEING & MAGNETIC ENERGY: Dr. William Pawluk – “The human body floats in a sea of magnetic fields. Every cell and atom of our body is a small magnetic dynamo.” Certain tissues contain magnetite crystals which respond to the vibrations of the earth’s magnetic field. Kyoichi Nakagawa, M. D. Director, Isuzu Hospital, Tokyo, Japan has demonstrated effect of magnetic field on headache, constipation, sciatica, insomnia, joint pain, sluggishness and a number of other issues. Dr. Robert Becker ( The Body Electric) , performed some very important experiments about how magnetic fields affect the healing of broken bones in the body. HUMAN BEING & MAGNETIC ENERGY Human Being & Light Energy: Human Being & Light Energy Einstein Formula : E=MC 2 E - Total Energy M - Matter (animate or inanimate) C - Velocity of Light Einstein mathematically proved that energy and matter were the same substance with different rates of vibration. E nergy fields are postulated to constitute the fundamental unit of the living and nonliving. Based on Einstein's theories, energetic concepts are being integrated into medicine for a comprehensive approach to disease diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.” PowerPoint Presentation: Kirilian Photographs PowerPoint Presentation: Polycontrast Interference Photographs Thermal Imaging: Thermal Imaging Bio Photonics: Bio Photonics Fritz Albert Popp, Germany "Biophotons” are ultra weak photon emissions of biological systems. The intensity of the light emitted by the body is 1000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eyes. - Tohoku Institute of Technology, Japan. This light emission is an expression of the functional state of the living organism. Cancer cells and healthy cells of the same type, for instance, can be discriminated by typical differences in biophoton emission. Contd.: Biophoton is stored in the DNA and it serve as the organism's main communication network and as the principal regulating mechanism for all life processes. Dr. Leonard Horowitz - Harvard University, three Nobel Prizes in medicine, proved that DNA emits and receives electro-magnetic waves of sound and light. The importance of Popp’s discovery has been confirmed by eminent scientists such as Herbert Froehlich and Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine. Contd. Human Being & Sound Energy: Human Being & Sound Energy Sound is considered to be a prime universal force in the creation of matter. According to ancient Indian texts, Goddess Kali representing Prakriti (nature) is said to wear a garland of 50 sanskrit alphabets which resonate and manifests as entire creation. According to Rig Veda, the fifty sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet are created by the Sirius System. These fifty sounds are three dimensional fractal sound formulas and are said to be the source of all creation. The fifty sounds of Sanskrit also appear on the lotus petals of chakras (energy centres) in human body. Bio-Acoustics: Dr. Peter Gariaev - The alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules (syntax & semantic) just like our languages. DNA has been found to respond to linguistic sounds. He discovered that the DNA can be altered or rearranged in different sequences using modulated laser light and radio waves. Dr. James Gimzewski, Noble Laureate, Pioneer of Sonocytology and Andrew Pelling - The human body doesn’t have just one sound. Every type of cell in our bodies emit complex sounds. They discovered that cancerous cells emit different sound vis-à-vis healthy cells. Bio-Acoustics Chakras – Advanced Bio-Photonics and Bio-acoustics : Chakras – Advanced Bio-Photonics and Bio-acoustics One of the most significant contributions of ancient Indian science is modulation and coding of the vital energy and its pathway– chakras and nadis. A special language comprising elemental symbols, geometrical patterns, photons and phonons have been used for describing the whole spectrum of energy dynamics of human beings. The Chakras are said to be "force centers" or whorls of energy or rotating vortices of subtle matter.Chakras are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. contd.: Chakras are sub-atomically linked to the endocrine glands via nerve plexus (network of intersecting nerves). The endocrine (ductless) glands manufacture hormones and supply them to the bloodstream. contd. Pioneering research by Valerie Hunt demonstrated that specific regions of the skin produced very rapid electrical oscillations (up to 1600 cycles per second, as contrasted with 0 to 100 cycles per second in the brain, 225 in the muscles, and 250 in the heart) and that these local energy domains corresponded with ancient descriptions of the body’s "chakras. Chakras – Mooladhar : Chakras – Mooladhar 4 Petals Mooladhara: Coccyx – Tail Bone: Mooladhara: Coccyx – Tail Bone Chakras - Swadhisthan: Chakras - Swadhisthan 6 Petals Swadhisthana: Reproductive Glands: Swadhisthana: Reproductive Glands Chakras - Manipur: Chakras - Manipur 10 Petals Manipura: Pancreas and Adrenal: Manipura: Pancreas and Adrenal Chakras - Anahat: Chakras - Anahat 12 Petals Anahata:Thymus: Anahata:Thymus Chakras - Vishuddha: Chakras - Vishuddha 16 Petals Vishuddha: Thyroid: Vishuddha: Thyroid Chakras - Ajna: Chakras - Ajna 2 Petals Ajna: Pitutary: Ajna: Pitutary Chakras - Sahasrar: Chakras - Sahasrar 1000 Petals Sahasrara: Pineal & Hypothalamus: Sahasrara: Pineal & Hypothalamus We are amazing beings, isn’t it !: We are amazing beings, isn’t it ! CONCLUSION: CONCLUSION Paramahansa Yogananda - “The Divine Romance” : - “In this age , man will make great headway in the electrical or electromagnetic field of science. Disease will be treated and healed more and more by ‘Vibratory energy’ which can reach the electronic factors of the atoms, the building blocks of matter, where gross chemicals cannot penetrate.” Electromagnetic frequencies are a hundred times more efficient than chemical signals, such as hormones and neurotransmitters, in relaying information within biological systems - Biophysicist C.W.F. McClare, Oxford University. Medicinal chemistry is struggling to stimulate the life-force back into the ailing victim. Vibrations can go much deeper into the cell tissue and enhance the rejuvenating process. PowerPoint Presentation: We heal PowerPoint Presentation: Sanjay Solanki F.C.A., Grad.C.W.A., D.I.S.A +91 98480 63453

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