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Published on January 2, 2008

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Slide3:  Agro Climatic Zone in U.P. Tarai Western Plain Central Western Plain South Western Semi Arid Plain Central Plain Bundelkhand North Eastern Plain Eastern Plain Vindhyan Area Slide4:  Uttar Pradesh at a glance Geographical Area 242-02 Lakh ha. Net Area Sown 168-12 Lakh ha. Divisions 17 Districts 70 Tehsils 303 Development Blocks 812 Nyay Panchayats 8135 Gram Panchayats 52078 Revenue Villages 1-09 Lakh Population 16-61 Crore Literacy 57-36 % Slide5:  Classification of Farmers on the Basis of Land Holdings Slide6:  Area, Production & Productivity of Foodgrains * Including Uttaranchal Contribution of U.P. in Agril Production of India:  Contribution of U.P. in Agril Production of India Lakh Ton Major Issues:  Major Issues Contingent Plans are always required in case of natural calamities,like drought and floods. Therefore, funds may be allocated for creation of seed bank to meet the seed requirement. Subsidy on high yielding varieties which are still popular among farmers may be extended upto 20 years from the date of notification. At present, this restriction is upto 15 years in case of oilseeds & pulses and 10 years in case of cereals. This may be allowed from Rabi 2004-05 itself. Rate of subsidy of seed may be raised from Rs. 200 to Rs. 400/- per qtl. in case of paddy and wheat. For Rabi it may be allowed from this year only. Second installment under Macro mode Scheme is, generally, released in last quarter of financial year, only after 60% utilization of Ist installment by Nov. end. To ensure proper and timely utilization of funds, 2nd installment may be released upto Dec., on the basis 50% utilization of first installment by October end. To encourage balanced use of fertilizers, subsidy on DAP, MOP and SSP fertilizers may be increased by Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 700/- and Rs. 350/- per MT, respectively, over and above present subsidy level. Slide9:  CROPWISE PERFORMANCE DURING KHARIF 2004 Contd… Slide10:  CROPWISE PERFORMANCE DURING KHARIF 2004 Major Constraints:  Major Constraints Erratic behaviour of Monsoon and occurrence of droughts in 61 districts. Imbalance use of fertilizers. Problem of sodicity, water logging, ravines and diara lands in 36.69 Lac ha. 90% farmers under small and marginal category. Reduced use of organic manures leading towards soil sickness and marked reduction in presence of micro fauna and flora in the soil. Slide12:  CROP PRODUCTION TARGETS FOR RABI 2004-05 Contd… Slide13:  CROP PRODUCTION TARGETS FOR RABI 2004-05 Strategies For Achieving Targets of Rabi 2004-05 :  Strategies For Achieving Targets of Rabi 2004-05 Timely sowing of crops. Ensuring timely availability of quality seeds of desired varieties and other inputs, and their judicious use. Area specific Production Technology. Prioritization of cropping patterns. Adoption of conservation tillage. Use of balanced fertilizers. More efficient use of treated watershed and reclaimed land. Adoption of Eco-friendly Technologies. Promotion of suitable inter-cropping. Availability of Rain Water in The State:  Availability of Rain Water in The State 1- Only 15.45% rain water contributing for recharge. 2- 37.50 % rain water flow as run off. 3- There is maximum possibility to harvest run off water. Slide18:  Total Storage of G.W. - 95.08 G.W. reserve for domestic and industrial use- 14.26 Available G.W. storage for irrigation - 80.82 Net G.W. draft - 46.89 Draft percentage of G.W. - 57.31 lac. ha. meter Slide21:  Affected area & Depletion of ground water 1- Affected district -29 2- Critical Blocks -22 3- Semi critical blocks -53 4- Depletion of ground water @ 0.15 mt. to 0.80 mt. per year. 5- There is decrease of water table in 559 blocks out of 806 in the state. 6- There is 2.00 mts depletion of water table in last 10 years in 131 blocks. Slide23:  District - 3 Block - 10 Village -264 Micro Watershed- 72 Watershed Ha. –1.30 lac Watershed Map of Krishni River District -3 Block -10 Village-264 Micro Watershed -72 Watershed ha. -1.30 lac Slide25:  Installation of tube well and water lifting devises will be costlier. Irrigation cost will increase. More consumption of electricity and diesel. Adverse effect on crop production and productivity. Scarcity of water for domestic and industrial use. Imbalance of Ecology and environment . Decrease in Bio-mass production. Slide26:  Strategies & Approach for Problem Rain water Harvesting through different Soil Conservation measures. Education for judicious use & management of available ground water. Farmers may be educated to grow less water requiring crops and better on farm management Practices. Participatory watershed development programme should be given priority. Popularizing improved & scientific irrigation practices through training & demonstration among farmers. Compulsion for field bunding in ground water depleting areas. Slide27:  Ground Water Recharging Methods Man made/Artificial recharge 1- Water spreading method 1.1 By soil conservation measures 1.2 Construction of tanks/ponds 1.3 Recycling of drain water. 1.4 Construction of check dam. 1.5 A- Cultural practices such as cultivation through ridge & furrow method. B- Trenching 2- Sub surface injection method 2.1 Recharging Through pit 2.2 Recharging through open well 2.3 Recharging through tube well. Water spreading method. :  Water spreading method. 1- Opportunity time increases infiltration / percolation . 2- Max. in-situ moisture conservation. By soil conservation measures :  By soil conservation measures 1- Peripheral and marginal bunds to harvest rain water & check soil erosion. 2- To check bank erosion and extension of gullies. Construction of tanks / ponds:  Construction of tanks / ponds 1- Run- off harvesting for recharging, aqua-farming & social activities. 2- Hand pumps/tube wells are functioning properly due to recharge through tanks. Construction of check dam in main stream :  Construction of check dam in main stream 1- 2 meter rise of ground water level by recharging through check dam. 2- Discharge of tube wells and hand pumps are maintained. Slide32:  DISTANCE Cultural practices Ridges furrow method:  Cultural practices Ridges furrow method 1- Ridges and furrows are made across the slope of the field to harvest rain water. Trenching:  Trenching 1- Trench is made across the slope at the end of field to harvest rain water. Recharging Through pit :  Recharging Through pit 1- Recharge pits on the bed of drains are natural drains are made to recharge ground water. Recharging through open well :  Recharging through open well 1- Open well constructed near the tank to recharge ground water. Slide38:  Endplug Slide39:  Impact of different recharging methods in Krishni Project Two meters Rise in water level. Discharge of tube wells Increased. Run-off minimized. Erosion infields near river bank and other treated area has stopped. Run-off harvesting measures checked the erosion & increased recharging. Adoption of improved method of irrigation and water harvesting practices by farmers. Aqua farming through tanks providing extra income to farmers. —””".kh unh tylaHkj.k ;kstuk ds lEcU/k esa dqN x.kekU; O;fDr;ksa ds fopkjksa ds va’k:  —””".kh unh tylaHkj.k ;kstuk ds lEcU/k esa dqN x.kekU; O;fDr;ksa ds fopkjksa ds va’k 1- Jh jktsUnz flag] xzke iapk;r dkcM+kSr] 'kkeyh] eqTtQjuxj ¼fnukWd 10&8&03½ psd Mse ls unh esa yxHkx 5 fd0eh0 ihNs rd ikuh :dk gS---------A Hkwfe Lrj esa yxHkx 6 ls 7 QqV rd c<ksRrjh gq;h gS-------A —"kdksa ds iEi lsV }kjk yxkrkj flapkbZ dh tk jgh gSA 2& Jh lqjs’k pUnzk] ftykf/kdkjh] lgkjuiqj ¼2&9&03½ bl ;kstuk ls tyLrj esa yxHkx Ms< ls nks QqV dh o`f) gq;h vkSj bu {ks=ksa ds tks gS.M iEi@uydwi e`rizk;% gks x;s Fks muesa ty laHkj.k ds dkj.k ikuh dk tyLrj vPNk c<k gS----------A Hkwfe mipkj 253-80 gs0 gqvk gSA Hkfo"; esa ;g ;kstuk —f"k mRiknu ds {ks= esa vR;Ur gh ykHkdkjh fl) gksxh----------------A


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