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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: JanethPreciadoVargas

Source: slideshare.net


My idea of what the perfect world would be,

Our UTOPIA By: Janeth Preciado Vargas Maria Ocegueda

Table Of Contents: Utopia  What is Utopia?  Our Utopia  Respect for People and Tolerance  No Poverty  No Wars  Peaceful Protests  Family Stability  Laughter  Music  Respect for Nature  Art  Roots & Culture  Video: Utopia

What is Utopia?  Utopia-an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.  Utopia can be any place that you consider to be politically, socially, and morally perfect. A place where you feel…..well, happy. Utopia means elsewhere

Our Utopia Some people say that its completely impossible to live in utopia and others say that nothing is impossible. We have no clue, but even though its difficult to be optimistic in this modern world we are believers. We have to be. Somehow there's still hope inside of me that one day people will experience the peace that we all long for.

Respect for People and Tolerance In our world we would be all treated equal. Gender, religion, appearance, disability, or race would NEVER become a issue. As long as we are all good citizens we wont judge anyone. In the dystopia we are living in people are chastised for being who they are and making the choices they make. But who are we to judge?

No Poverty Our utopia would have jobs for everyone. Their jobs would portray their strengths. This could eliminate hunger and would give every person the chance to get shoes, clean clothes, and shelter.

Education for All Our perfect society would give every child a chance to take part in our educational system that inspires and encourages kids to aspire toward their dreams and goals by being given the chance to obtain knowledge.

No Wars In our utopia I would have absolutely no wars . There wouldn’t be any need for any. We wouldn’t send our people to a war which could be fixed on friendly terms. We would live in harmony with other nations and help each other out in case of anything.

Peaceful Protests In our perfect world we would all be free thinkers, and when an issue has been brought up in which the people disagree with a choice made they are allowed to peaceful protest. No violence is permitted in utopia. One can speak there mind in all issues.

Family Stability  In our utopia family stability would be a very important part of life because of it is my belief that family plays an important role in the development of a child's future and how the will analyze and deal with difficult situations. Families would all respect each other, spend time together, learn to compromise, help each other, and would usually have dinner together as a family.

Laughter Our perfect world would have everyone laughing. Among other things there would be comedy on television at all times. We think that no matter what situation you are in a little laughter always helps. It reminds you that you don’t always have to take yourself so seriously. Like they say, “Laughter is the best medicine .” Sick or not we all need a little laughter and our 24 hour comedy programs would fix that.

Music Our world would always have some music. Music is very important to me because even if I'm feeling the lowest of the low and there's a song that will pump me up somewhere, I want to hear it. Music is a universal language that bridges gaps in culture that spoken language would never and could never do. Music enhances learning and is more enjoyable. It creates ambience to enhance and augment what is already there. It sparks the imagination while still being a simple pleasure in life.

Respect for Nature In our world nature would be respected and the world would physically be a better place. We could drink clean water and breathe in clean air for once. We would all try to preserve its beauty and appreciate mother nature. This would most likely lower the chance of natural disaster by a wide margin. Earth laughs in flowers.

Art Art would be greatly appreciated in our world. These would be analyzed and preserved forever. Literature would be read for centuries after its publication. Art would be forever looked at and admired and the puzzled look on peoples faces will forever stayed plastered on their face from there on after.

Roots and Culture We think that in our world roots, tradition, and culture would all be embraced. Its part as who we are as a community and as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone we would keep on doing it. Like everything else that we couldn’t control we are who we are so its better to show it and be proud of where you come from.

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Video: Utopia  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peSpUDMcGR8 Other Websites:  http://utopia-game.com/shared/  http://www.utopiarestaurant.net/

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