Utilizing urology billing services for maximum benefits

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Information about Utilizing urology billing services for maximum benefits

Published on September 29, 2016

Author: ShripadPradhan1

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1. Utilizing Urology billing services for maximum benefits. Presented By Medical Billers and Coders www.medicalbillersandcoders.com

2. What does Urology Practice Deal With? Have you ever wondered what kind of problems a urologist takes care of? Can a simple Urinary tract infection be handled by a primary care? Urologist treat, diagnose, and monitor disorders of the urinary tract and the external genital organs, which can include kidney, ureter, urethra, bladder, and prostate issues. www.medicalbillersandcoders.com info@medicalbillersandcoders.com

3. Urology Practice Analysis  Did you know that Urologists face a loss of 20-30% of their total revenue due to poor billing process, unskilled staff, lack of technology and ineffective management.  Differences in treatment of infusion immunotherapy, postoperative complications, urodynamic etc. leave practices under-qualified and under-staffed to bill effectively.  Urology medical billing is a highly complex process with increasing patient responsibility and increased operational costs requires efficient and accurate medical billing procedures. www.medicalbillersandcoders.com info@medicalbillersandcoders.com

4. Why your Urology practice is at risk Top 3 reasons why your urology practice might be at risk:  Incorrect/ Insufficient patient identifier information ◦ (e.g., name spelled incorrectly; date of birth, subscriber number missing or invalid, others;)  Coverage Terminated ◦ It's important to pay all outstanding insurance premiums during a grace period so that your health insurance company doesn't end terminate your coverage.  Services non-covered/Require prior authorization or precertification ◦ contact the patient’s insurance and confirm coverage prior to services being rendered. www.medicalbillersandcoders.com info@medicalbillersandcoders.com

5.  AR Management  Claims Appeal Services  Urology Practice Analytics  Urology Billing  Urology Coding by Certified Medical Coders  Medical Collections Services  Provider Credentialing Medicalbillersandcoders.com is Urology medical Billing and Coding Company, who provide the knowledge and expertise your practice needs in order to ensure maximum reimbursement. What MBC Has to offer to your Urology Practice www.medicalbillersandcoders.com info@medicalbillersandcoders.com

6. www.medicalbillersandcoders.com info@medicalbillersandcoders.com Contact Us Expert Urology Billing Services 108 West, 13th street, Wilmington, DE 19801 info@medicalbillersandcoders.com Follow Us on

7. Thank You For Urology Medical Billing Services www.medicalbillersandcoders.com info@medicalbillersandcoders.com

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