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Information about UTI - II
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Published on March 31, 2014

Author: PPRCayur

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This presentation is a continuation to Urinary tract infections - Part I shared earlier. UTI - II discusses various forthcoming plants for UTI treatment.

Forthcoming plants for UTI treatment (UTI – II) Presented by Dr. Sudhakar Kokate Director PPRC, India

Plant categories of UTI treatment  Botanical diuretics  Urinary anti-septic and anti-adhesion herbs  Botanicals with anti-nephrotoxic activity  Plants to relieve from benign prostatic hyperplast (BPH)  Phyto-derivatives against Prostate cancer PPRC/INDIA 01

My Attitude Researchers from different labs globally need to work closely together, discuss problems frequently and analyze the results instantly. Herbal medicine research - 1. should be organized 2. consistent team work is absolutely vital. PPRC/INDIA 02

Data by WHO % Use of herbal medicines  Africa …. 80  China …. 30 – 50  Europe N. America …. > 50  Germany …. 90  India …. 40 – 70  Global market for herbal medicines …. > $ 60 bn / yr ….. And growing faster PPRC/INDIA 03

I. Phyto Diuretics PPRC/INDIA 04

 Solidago virgaurea L. : European goldenrod  Solidago canadensis : Canadian goldenrod  S. gigantea Aiton : Early goldenrod PPRC/INDIA 05

 These contain saponins and tannins (Weiss 1985)  Multiple compounds contribute to actions (Okpanyi et. al. 1989)  S. gigantea 60% ethanol extract on animal study (Leuschher 1995)  S. virgaurea extracts practised to prevent formation of kidney stones and to help in removing urinary gravel (Blumenthal et. al. 1998) PPRC/INDIA 06

Levisticum officinale PPRC/INDIA 07

Levisticum officinale  Also called Lovage root  Family: Apiaceae  Good diuretic (Weiss 1985)  Major active principle: Terpenoids, Iso-valeric acid, Angelic acid, Coumarins  Approved by the German Commission E for use in lower UTI and urinary gravel. (Blumenthal et. al. 1998) PPRC/INDIA 08

Petroselinum crispus PPRC/INDIA 09

Petroselinum crispus  Also called Parsley  The root / fruit is used as a Diuretic  Folk remedy since the ancient times (Yarnell 2002)  Active principles: Terpenoids, Apicol, Flavanoids, Apigenin  This herb also shows carminative and calcium channel – blocking activity in vitro (Neuhaus – Charlisle et. al. 1993) PPRC/INDIA 10

Urtica dioica PPRC/INDIA 11

Urtica dioica  Also called Stinging nettle  Parts – Leaves, Seeds  Used as – Mild diuretic, support for urinary tract functions, internal anti-inflammatory and roots as benign prostatic hyperplasia  Aqueous extract have diuretics and natriuretic effects (Tahri et. al. 2000) PPRC/INDIA 12

Ononis spinosa PPRC/INDIA 13

Ononis spinosa  Also called Spiny restharrow  Chemicals: Phenol, Lectin, Triterpenoid, Volatile oils – Trans anethole, Camphor, Menthol, Estragole, Borneol  Family: Fabaceae  Roots: Diuretic (Weiss 1985) PPRC/INDIA 14

Equisetum arvense PPRC/INDIA 15

Equisetum arvense  Also called Horsetail  Active principle: Silicic acid, Silicates  Astringent effect on the genito-urinary system (Steenkamp 2003) PPRC/INDIA 16

Forthcoming Diuretic plants PPRC/INDIA 17

 Apium graveolens: (celery) fruits  Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) leaves  Parietaria judaica (Pellitory-of-the-wall)  Galium aparine (Cleavers)  Chimaphila umbellata (Pipsissewa)  Asarum europaeum (Asarabacca)  Carlina vulgaris (Caroline thistle) PPRC/INDIA 18

Apium graveolens PPRC/INDIA 19

Taraxacum officinale PPRC/INDIA 20

Parietaria judaica PPRC/INDIA 21

Galium aparine PPRC/INDIA 22

Chimaphila umbellata PPRC/INDIA 23

Asarum europaeum PPRC/INDIA 24

Carlina vulgaris PPRC/INDIA 25

 Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary)  Centaurium erythraea  Spergularia purpurea  Ananas comosus  Carica papaya  Cyperus rotundus PPRC/INDIA 26

Rosmarinus officinalis PPRC/INDIA 27

Centaurium erythraea PPRC/INDIA 28

Spergularia purpurea PPRC/INDIA 29

Ananas comosus PPRC/INDIA 30

Carica papaya PPRC/INDIA 31

Cyperus rotundus PPRC/INDIA 32

References  Weiss, 1985  Halouri et. al. 2000  Jounad et. al. 2001  Sripanidkulchai et. al. 2001 PPRC/INDIA 33

Urinary antiseptic & anti-adhesion plants PPRC/INDIA 34

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi PPRC/INDIA 35

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  Also called Uva-ursi  Active principle: Glycoside arbutoside – Arbutin  Used for lower urinary tract infections by Commission E. 1998 (Blumenthal et. al.)  >7 pH …. Urine environment Arbutin converts hydroquinone (caution – carcinogenic) which kills bacteria (Yarnell 2002) PPRC/INDIA 36

Juniperus spp. fruit PPRC/INDIA 37

Juniperus spp. fruit  Useful in digestive disorders, kidney and bladder problems  Volatile oil contains > 100 compounds i.e. alpha and beta pinene, myrecene, limonene, sabinene and alcohol, terpinene-4-ol (Clark et. al. 1990)  Animal studies shows that extracts increase urinary volume PPRC/INDIA 38

Juniperus spp. fruit  Additionally terpinen-4-ol acts as diuretic  Excessive doses of Juniper on animals show kidney irritation (Schilcher and Leuschner 1997) PPRC/INDIA 39

Echinacea spp. PPRC/INDIA 40

Echinacea spp.  E. purpurea – immunostimulating property in UTI (Kligler 2003)  Three sp. Effective – E. purpurea E. angustifolia E. pallida  Purple coneflower is native to North America PPRC/INDIA 41

Hydrastis canadensis PPRC/INDIA 42

Hydrastis canadensis  Also known as Goldenseal  Active principle in roots: Hydrastine, Berberine  Berberine: no side effects, compared with antibiotics, it blocks adhesion of bacteria to epithelial cells (Subbaiah and Amin 1967, Amin et. al. 1969)  Anti-microbial activities against bacteria, fungi and protozoa PPRC/INDIA 43

Hydrastis canadensis  Protective effect against several micro-organisms including: E. coli Streptococcal bacteria Chlamydia and Proteus sp. Salmonella typi Entamoeba histolytica (Lahiri & Dutta 1967, Mahajan et. al. 1982, Sun et. al. 1988 b) PPRC/INDIA 44

Agathosma betulina PPRC/INDIA 45

Agathosma betulina  Also known as Buchu  Used against UTI since the ancient times  Native to South Africa  Effective in treating cases of cystitis, nephritis, catarrh of the bladder, urethritis  Active principle: Monoterpene disophenol ‘buchu’ PPRC/INDIA 46

Agathosma betulina  In-vitro experiments show that flavonoids exhibit anti-inflammatory effects  Today, a tincture is used in treatment of genital and UTI such as kidney stones, prostatitis PPRC/INDIA 47

Zea mays PPRC/INDIA 48

Zea mays  Also known as Cornsilk  Chemicals: saponins, tannins, alkaloid, hordenine, sterols, stigmasterol, allantoin, polyphenols, Vitamin K, B and C  It soothes and relaxes the lining of ureter, bladder and urethra  Relieving irritation and improving urine excretion (Steenkamp 2003) PPRC/INDIA 49

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