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Published on January 8, 2008

Author: Carolina


CUBESAT PROJECT:  CUBESAT PROJECT -Collaborating Schools -Launch Opportunity -Information Sharing -Scheduled Tasks -Future session discussions Collaborating Schools:  Collaborating Schools University of Tokyo Tokyo Inst. of Tech Soka Univ. U of Hawaii U of North Dakota Nihon Univ. Arizona Univ. All other interested schools Milestone1 :  Milestone1 Short term Communication between universities, website etc… Organization (Launch…) Publicity Info Sharing:  Info Sharing Forum for ideas Mailing list Web page for information sharing For new schools Current developers share ideas/problems For expanding CubeSat community Milestone2:  Milestone2 Mid term Establish launch provider (individually, together) Technical mission (Communication between CubeSat) Test different protocol, develop standardized comm Technical mission (Active stabilization & control) Launch Opportunity :  Launch Opportunity Get all schools together Negotiate a collaborative agreement w/ Launch Provider Team effort better than single school *Regular launch opportunity is needed. Milestone3:  Milestone3 Long term Termination system (Debris Problem) Balloons (to get ballistic coefficient) Simple burst thruster Low orbital altitude Deeper space missions Discussion with scientist/needs Future Mission:  Future Mission Tethered communication Imaging Of each other (at the back of the moon?) Telescoping array Adaptive / reconfigurable Multiple camera / frequency Antenna Adaptive / reconfigurable Moon mission Redundancy, Lower cost Imaging Uses existing technology ・Mars mission -Perform “extension” missions / purpose -Imaging (Landing) Scheduled Tasks:  Scheduled Tasks U of Hawaii Develop email list, distribute that list U of Tokyo Contact Cal-Poly, find other interested schools U of North Dakota Contact Space Grant w/ initial ideas All other schools Contribute as needed

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新作 2015 ア&# | 09/06/15
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数量限定 | 11/06/15
おかげもののために素晴らしい投稿! I 間違いなくそれを読んで楽しんで、 には、あなたのブログをブックマークとなります最終的にバック予見可能な将来において。週末|あなたの偉大な継続朝| 、素敵休日の週末! [url=]数量限定[/url]
新規オー | 13/06/15
おかげ 素晴らしい 後 他のいくつかの他のすべての他ののために。 場所他には可能性 誰もがその 取得情報を 方法?このような| の検索を探し 情報 | 上で | 私は私が週、および|プレゼンテーションその後の次の | 私がした私が持っています。 [url=]新規オープン 開店セール[/url]

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