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Information about Using The HTML Codes to create a Scrolling2

Published on September 6, 2008

Author: haroldkym1


Using The HTML Codes to create a Scrolling Marquee :  Using The HTML Codes to create a Scrolling Marquee Harold L. Fisher, Jr. Scrolling marquee! Happy Birthday!! Assignment due dates! Announcements! There are two ways to generate a scrolling marquee.:  There are two ways to generate a scrolling marquee. Copy and paste the html code Use the HTML marquee generator Slide3:  Go to the following website: Log in to your Moodle course Copying and pasting the code:  Copying and pasting the code Slide5:  On the quackit website, click on “HTML Codes” Slide6:  Click on “HTML Marquee Code” Slide7:  There are several examples of marquee codes listed. I will be demonstrating the “continuous scroll text” from right to left. Slide8:  Notice the “continuous scrolling text” HTML code. Slide9:  Highlight the code, right-click, and click copy Slide10:  Click on the edit icon beneath the picture at the top of your course. (Note: you can do this within any assignment, announcement, etc). Slide11:  Click the html toggle switch. Slide12:  Place your cursor at the end of your HTML codes. Right-click, and click paste. Slide13:  Notice the text that I have highlighted above. Make sure you change the words in this section of the code so that it will display your message. Note: Be careful not to erase any portion of the HTML code, except for this section. Slide14:  Click “save changes” Slide15:  Watch your scrolling marquee! Is this awesome of what? Note: You can change this message as often as you like. This is another form of communication for our kids. The possibilities are endless! Marquee Generator:  Marquee Generator Using the Marquee Generator:  Using the Marquee Generator An HTML marquee generator allows you to add scrolling text or a scrolling image (or both) to your assignments, announcements, forums, etc. Slide18:  On the same page of the marquee HTML code, there are two links that will take you to the “Marquee Generator.” Click on one of the links. Slide19:  A quick observation will tell you that the marquee generator provides more options than the HTML codes. Simply plug in your choices, type your text, and click “Generate marquee.” The generator provides the HTML code for you. Follow the same steps of copying and pasting as before and you’re done! Cool huh! Slide20:  There are tons of HTML codes, generators, and other tools you can use to enhance your lessons. If you have any questions, let me know! Have fun!

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