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Information about Using The Grade Center

Published on February 5, 2009

Author: CPIT



How to use the grade center in your BlackBoard course

Using the Grade Center

Formerly known as the Grade Book  ◦ The Grade Center link is located in the Control Panel’s assessment area Includes enhanced features for more efficient  grading ◦ Ability to automatically calculate mid-term grades ◦ Easily add or remove assignments included in various grading periods ◦ Drag and drop capabilities

Click Control Panel

Any assignments, tests, discussion boards or other course activities that are created with a point value inside Blackboard are automatically entered into the grade center.

Use the Manage drop down menu to select Organize Grade Center

Drag the shaded areas to rearrange the order in which items appear in the grade center

The Manage menu also contains options to  upload or download grades, show or hide participants and set grading periods Click grading periods in the manage menu

Click Add Grading Period

1. Provide a Name and Description 2. Select dates 4 3. Select option

Click Add Calculated Column drop down menu and select “Total”

Complete the form Select the period

Select Options Read this Click to allow students view Mid-term grade in My Grades

Grading Period added to Grade Center

Click to add a graded component such as attendance

Include Column and Display names

Select options and click submit Click to allow students to see grade in the My Grades area

Attendance added to Grade Center Scroll The order in which the columns appear can be altered under the manage drop down menu.

Use drop down menu to Organize Grade Center Click the + to see all items included in Mid-term grade

Students can view grades by clicking Tools and then selecting My Grades. Students will be able to click on the grade to view the submitted assignment.

Click Grade History

Download Record Select Period

Click Reports

Include Report Name

Select Options

Select Options

Report can be printed For more information contact Lisa Hawkins at

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