Using Technology To Improve Your Fieldwork (GA Derby 2010)

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Information about Using Technology To Improve Your Fieldwork (GA Derby 2010)

Published on April 10, 2010

Author: nicklapthorn



Workshop presentation by Nick Lapthorn GA Learning Outside the Classroom Working Group.

Using technology to improve fieldwork skills Nick Lapthorn GA Conference FSC Nettlecombe Court Derby 2010 LOTC Working Group

During the workshop... • What ‘technology’ exists • Develop outline activities to invigorate your fieldwork • Some ideas to try

Adding Value • Main reasons for fieldwork ▫ Curriculum assessment  Common Entrance  GCSE Controlled Assessment  AS ‘skills’ paper  A2 extended investigation • Using technology unlikely to be the sole purpose of the fieldwork • ‘Adds value’ to existing purpose of study

What ‘technology’ is there?

Your bit... • Using the ‘technology’ you have been given... • Think of a way it can be used for these ‘topics’ ▫ River study ▫ CBD study ▫ Coastal study ▫ Ecosystem study • Feedback to group - INNOVATION

Sounds • Audio tours – podcast of the visit • Soundscapes ▫ The Free Sound Project ▫ • Why not create a soundscape mp3 of your fieldwork day? • Sound maps • Sound CDs

Sound CDs

Images/Videos • Travelogues/‘Wish You Were Here’ • Following up; ▫ Field sights ▫ Photo mosaics

Field sights

Photo Mosaic

Photo Mosaic

External accreditation for ‘providers’

LOTC Working Group What would you like us to do?

Field sights O W R PP

Town Centre

Railway Station

Westfield Centre

Pride Park

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