Using Specific Search Tools for Best Results

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Information about Using Specific Search Tools for Best Results

Published on March 20, 2014

Author: ttoo


Searching!!Searching!! This photo used with permission under a CC license from

How do you start a search? This photo used with permission under a CC license from Marco Bellucci CC license

Dive In? Use a Strategy? Sink orSink or Swim?Swim?

Buffy Hamilton

InquiryInquiry BeginsBegins WithWith OurselvesOurselves

Buffy Hamilton

Buffy Hamilton

This photo used with permission under a CC license from Question Mark Graffiti Bilal Kamoon

“Phrase searching”Use “around “legitimate phrases, names, titles • “vitamin A” •“Lady Gaga” or “Kurt Cobain” •Titles “The Lord of the Rings” •“to be or not to be” Use AND (example: designer AND babies)

Using AND, you only receive pages including both of your search terms, though not necessarily next to one another. Using OR, you receive pages containing either one or both of your search terms. Using NOT includes only the first term and NOT the second one. AND, OR and NOT

WhicWhic hh ToTo ChooseChoose ??


ProQuest Advanced Search Narrow sources by type Use subject area searches as well to narrow & streamline results Searches for related content – copy a section from a document to find “similar”

Health Sciences and Nursing Subject Search: Plastic AND Surgery Check related search terms to narrow results Narrow results further

Search by Issue or Geographic Region Subject specific searches Video & podcasts

Quick Links Quick links for tools

Search by Country or continent Videos & Podcasts Search by Subject Current Events

My library stores your finds! Pick most current articles by date Identifies Document or Website Find articles like this one

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