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Information about using mouse and keyboard

Published on February 2, 2009

Author: looray03


Slide 1: Using the Keyboard and the Mouse Slide 2: Using the mouse Slide 3: click right click Mouse pointer : Mouse pointer The little symbol on your screen that you move with your mouse. You use the mouse pointer to point to and select items on your screen. The mouse pointer changes shape, depending on its location on your screen and the action you are performing. Slide 5: Left Mouse Button - usually use this button Right Mouse Button - occasionally use this button for "special" actions Scroll Wheel - the mouse wheel may work differently from program to program. and it may not work in some programs. In most word processing programs, you can rotate the wheel to move up or down the page, equivalent to using the PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN keys on your keyboard or to clicking the scroll bar. Click - press and quickly release the button on a mouse : Click - press and quickly release the button on a mouse Double Click -press and quickly release the mouse button twice Drag -move objects or data around on the screen through the use of a mouse.  Keep the left mouse button pressed while you move the mouse Slide 7: a. Click : select b. Double-click : open, or run c. Right-click : opens a menu with varying options d. Dragging : hold down the left button as you move the mouse to drag something from one place to another Slide 9: USING THE KEYBOARD ESCAPE ( Esc) : ESCAPE ( Esc) cancels command or series of commands TAB l l : TAB l l moves cursor to the next tab stop Caps Lock : Caps Lock turns on and off typing in capital letters Delete/Backspace ( ) : Delete/Backspace ( ) moves cursor back and erases character, one space at a time Numeric Keypad : Numeric Keypad Allows for faster typing of numbers with use of only one hand Shift ( ) : Shift ( ) makes a capital letter or the upper symbol on number keys when used in combination with other keys Space bar : Space bar Moves cursor forward one space at a time, leaving a blank space Enter/Return ( ) : Enter/Return ( ) enters information or moves cursor to next line for typing Directional Keys : Directional Keys moves cursor left, right, up or down without erasing text Function Keys (Fkeys) : Function Keys (Fkeys) used together with control and alt keys for keyboard shortcuts Control Keys (Ctrl) : Control Keys (Ctrl) used in conjunction with another key by holding it down while pressing another key which will initiate a certain action. Alternate Keys (Alt) : Alternate Keys (Alt) used with other keys. typically works with menus, opening the one with the corresponding underlined letter (File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table, Window, Help…) Insert : Insert toggle key; determines what will happen when you type new characters into an existing line of text or numbers (either inserts texts or writes over text that is already there) Home : Home The key you press to move the cursor to the beginning of the current line. Many programs also use keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+Home to move the cursor to the beginning of a document. Page Down (PgDn) : Page Down (PgDn) The function of this key is usually software specific.  Typically, it scrolls a document backward one screen or one  page. Page Up (PgUp) : Page Up (PgUp) The function of this key is usually software specific.  Typically it scrolls a document forward one screen or one  page. Print Screen : Print Screen It directs the computer to copy whatever is displayed on the screen to the clipboard for pasting later.  It doesn't really "print" in Windows. Scroll Lock : Scroll Lock Its function is often software specific.  In spreadsheets, it usually locks the cursor on its current screen line and scrolls text (rather than the cursor) up or down whenever an up or down cursor control arrow is pressed Windows Key : Windows Key The WINDOWS key acts as another special function key. If you press the Window key by itself, the Start Menu  will open. Windows+E will launch Windows Explorer. Slide 30: by: LORELEI BAYARAS GORGONIO Teacher, Digos City Central Elementary School Digos City, Philippines

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