Using Moodle to Deliver Online Education in Guyana

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Information about Using Moodle to Deliver Online Education in Guyana

Published on December 1, 2008

Author: Malisar


Using Moodle to Deliver Online Education in Guyana : Using Moodle to Deliver Online Education in Guyana Presented by: Malisa Richards What is Online Education? : What is Online Education? Online education is any form of learning/teaching that takes place via a computer network. The network could be a local bulletin board system (BBS) or it could be the internet and world wide web. The network could also be a Local Area Network or an intranet within an organisation. The most common function used in online education is electronic mail (email) that allows students and teachers to send messages to each other. In addition, most networks also provide conferencing capabilities that let participants conduct multi-person discussions either in real-time (often called "chats") or on a delayed basis What is online learning? : What is online learning? Online learning is any learning experience or environment that relies upon the Internet/WWW as the primary delivery mode of communication and presentation. Online learning is an option for students who wish to learn in their own environment using technology and/or the Internet. Online learning is the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) to deliver interactive learning experiences to students, independent of distance, time and place. What is the nature of online learning? : What is the nature of online learning? Learning and teaching online is much different than a traditional classroom experience (even when used as part of a conventional class). Since most communication takes place via written messages (or files), writing skill and the ability to put thoughts into words are paramount. People who have poor writing skills may be at a disadvantage in an online environment. On the other hand, having to write everything gives people a chance to think about their responses, especially in an asynchronous setting, where you do not need to respond immediately. Furthermore, one of the side effects of any class involving computer mediated communication (CMC) is plenty of practice writing, often resulting in improved communication skills. For many learners, this outcome is just as important as the subject matter being learned. What is the nature of online learning? : What is the nature of online learning? It minimizes discrimination and prejudice that arises naturally in face-to-face settings. Unless someone deliberately reveals it, you have no idea about the age, gender, ethnic background, physical characteristics or disabilities of participants in an online class. The discussions and comments that result in an online class are free of socio-cultural bias. Of course, if people post photos or video clips of themselves, this bias-free element is diminished, but actual interaction is still relatively unencumbered. (As desktop video-conferencing becomes more common many of the current characteristics of online interaction will change since this adds the "face-to- face" element back into the equation.) Who can benefit from using moodle? : Who can benefit from using moodle? Public Schools Private Schools Tertiary Institutions (University of Guyana, Kuru Kuru Co-operative College) Basically any organisation that is involved in education and training can benefit from moodle. How can you benefit from using moodle? : How can you benefit from using moodle? INSTITUTIONS Saves institute paper and toner costs Saves institute answer sheet costs Utilizes institute computers and intranet STUDENTS Saves students pencil and pen costs Students become familiar with standard teaching software that is in wide use at schools internationally and via distance learning systems on the Web. Keep track of their grade point average How can you benefit from using moodle? : How can you benefit from using moodle? INSTRUCTORS No photocopying No answer sheets Don't have to carry the test around No need for the test marking device Grading is automated Wash back is automated. (No need to go over the test. Each student does this individually after completing it.) Can shuffle test items and/or responses in items. No need to have two versions of a test because each student's test is different from his neighbors (theoretically; I haven't actually gone around the room and proved this for each and every terminal, but I've observed that the sequences are indeed different.) Can time test. Students know when it's over and my experience has been that they don't ask for extra time. Can analyze students' responses to see which items produced most incorrect responses. This could be useful for planning lessons to review material. Why is moodle the best choice for online learning in Guyana? : Why is moodle the best choice for online learning in Guyana? It’s Free Affordable Cheap to maintain Very simple to understand Expose Guyanese students to one of the many learning environment online Does not require student to have broadband connection (Moodle works well with dial-up connection) Organisations in guyana that use moodle : Organisations in guyana that use moodle BRAIN STREET LEARNINGWWW.BRAINSTREETLEARNING.COM KURU KURU CO-OPERATIVE COLLEGEWWW.KURUKURU.EDU.GY/MOODLE ST. STANISLAUS COLLEGEWWW.ST-STANISLAUS-GY.COM/MOODLE UNIVERSITY OF GUYANAHTTP://MOODLE.UOG.EDU.GY NORTH RUPUNUNI COMMUNITYWWW.NRWETLANDS.ORG.GY/MOODLE How can you be trained to use moodle? : How can you be trained to use moodle? DevNet - Vidya Kisssoon Brain Street Technologies - Lance Hinds Kuru Kuru Co-operative College - Malisa Richards Introduction to moodle : Introduction to moodle QUESTIONS : QUESTIONS

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